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Archive 81 Season 2: Is The Show Renewed?

Inspired by the success of the podcast, Netflix decided to create a mystical show about paranormal research, Archive 81, which made its debut earlier this month on Netflix. The show is based on the podcast of the same name, which turned out to be incredibly popular in 2018. Despite the fictional stories, the series has become extremely popular among listeners.

The script was written by Paul Harris Boardman himself, the man behind The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The horror series was directed by Rebecca Thomas, best known to the public for Stranger Things. The creators of the project have not announced whether Archive 81 will return with a second season. Fans are confident in the success of the idea.

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Archive 81: Have Makers Hinted On Season 2? Renewal & Release Date Updates

A new show from the creator of “Saw” and “The Conjuring” James Wan has every chance of being renewed. The high ratings of the first season will certainly convince the creators to do the second season of the series. Recall that the work is based on the famous podcast of 2018, which tells about the study of the paranormal world. Given that the original version ran for quite some time, Wang’s project has every chance of going down a similar path. 

According to showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine, the show’s sequel also plans to use damaged footage. And although the authors have not yet officially announced whether the “Archive 81” season 2 will be shown, the project has every chance to get renewed for a new season.


Archive 81: What Is The Plot?

At the center of events is the archivist Dan. Holding on to old damaged documents, the young man is faced with a real mystery. He learns about the mysterious disappearance of a girl named Melody, who lives in the 90s and investigates the crimes committed by a cult. Dan plunges deeper and deeper into the dangerous story, with no idea what will happen next.

The finale of the first season ends with a cliffhanger, which gives viewers every reason to wait for the release of the tape “Archive 81” season 2. The main characters of the presented story change their worlds, and now Melody has to save Dan. As mentioned, we don’t know if there will be a season 2 for Archive 81. 

Undoubtedly, though, the story has great potential. First of all, in a possible new chapter, we will have to understand what could happen to Dan. We expect Mark and the others to continue trying to save him, even though we don’t know how this could happen, and for Melody to form a bond with Julia.

We will also have to understand how the girl will manage to adapt to the real world. And what about Virgil? Will he show up in the basement to kill them all and interrupt the ritual? As you can see, the questions are numerous. We look forward to understanding what Netflix will do with the future of the show. According to showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine, the authors hope to give the supernatural genre a new twist, darker and more emotional. Recall that the early producer worked on The Vampire Diaries.

Archive 81 Season 2: Who Will Return?

As we can’t say for sure that Archive 81 will return with a season 2, the cast of the TV series also remains in doubt at the moment. The only security we have could be Mamoudou Athie, as he plays the lead role, archivist Dan Turner.


For the rest, we will limit ourselves to reporting below the actors and characters announced for the first chapter. When we have precise information, it will be our pleasure to update the list.

  • Dina Shihabi as Melody Pendras
  • Martin Donovan as Virgil
  • Matt McGorry as Mark
  • Julia Chan as Anabelle
  • Evan Jonigkeit as Samuel
  • Ariana Neal as Jess
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