No Way Home has made its film debut, and more rumors of Andrew Garfield’s return as Spider-Man, fans have begun to remember the story between the actor and Emma Stone, wondering why they broke up.

Before trying to understand what led the two colleagues to break up, let’s retrace their love story together from start to finish. Indeed Andrew Garfield’s best-known love story is the one with Emma Stone, as the two actors and co-stars of The Amazing Spider-Man have been together for four years.

The two began dating in 2011 when they met on the sets of The Amazing Spider-Man. Their relationship was among the most beloved in Hollywood, mainly how Emma and Andrew related to the press and especially the paparazzi. When photographers hunted the two, they repeatedly used pieces of cardboard with written directions to find out about sensitive issues such as autism. Their goal was to sensitize the crowd by exploiting the photos stolen by persistent photographers.

The Reason Behind Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield’s Breakup

Unfortunately, the relationship between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone was concluded in 2015 for reasons still unknown. At the time, a source revealed to Us Weekly that the relationship between the two actors was overdue to the dark moment Garfield was going through while filming Silence. In this film, the actor played a 17th-century Jesuit and lost about twenty kilos for the role.

“For months he was in a grim situation to get into his role. For this, he was not the best of partners.”

This appears to be the only reason leaked online regarding the breakup between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. But now they are on good terms?

How Is Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s Relation Now? 

Back in 2017, Emma Stone reportedly began dating Dave McCary who is a director at Saturday Night Live. The two also got engaged in December 2019 and tied knots in 2020. The couple also gave birth to their first daughter, Lousie McCary in 2021. Now moving on to Andrew, in November 2021 the actor made headlines after he was linked with model Alyssa Miller, who was previously linked with Jake Gyllenhaal.

In 2021, during a conversation with Variety, Andrew himself confirmed that he and Stone are good friends and that he is looking forward to working with her in the near future.

The two actors have also supported each other for years. Time when Emma Stone won Oscar for her performance in La La Land, the actor came forward openly supporting her. In the same year, Andrew gave a standing ovation to his former girlfriend after she won the Golden Globe.

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