Amber Heard's Legal Team Terms Jury Verdict Unconstitutional and Unjustified

Amber Heard's Legal Team Terms Jury Verdict Unconstitutional and Unjustified

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Amber Heard’s legal team filed an appeal of the June 30 verdict in the defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Heard on Friday, July 1. Courthouse TV was able to review files made by Heard’s attorneys, who claimed there were flaws in the verdict’s legal rationale and that the jury selection process had been flawed.

The document also includes statements from Heard’s legal team on how the jury’s award to Depp in the slander claim was excessive. Ten million dollars in compensatory damages and five million dollars in punitive damages were awarded to Depp in the lawsuit last month. The latter, however, was limited to $350,000 because of Virginia law. All three of Depp’s claims were accepted by the jury.

However, the jury awarded Heard $2 million in compensatory damages, even though they only agreed with one count of her claims from the countersuit. In this sense, Depp was compensated to the tune of $8.35 million.

Amber Heard’s legal team’s counter-argument Explained

Lawyers for Amber Heard have argued that the money Depp was given is not justified, and this is their main issue. Further, they argued that the judgement in the defamation complaint and the countersuit brought by the Aquaman actor are inconsistent and should be overturned. It is also argued that Depp has not shown that Heard’s op-ed was written maliciously.

In addition, the arguments in the petition state that the jury’s defamation verdict in relation to the op-headline ed’s is “unconstitutional and unjustified by the facts.”

Juror 15 was another point of contention for Amber Heard’s defense team. They said the court’s recognition of the defendant’s birth year of 1945 supported their case. However, the person’s birth year is supposedly public knowledge, and it is 1970.

They questioned the court’s screening process for Juror 15, claiming that it may not have been thorough enough.

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The counsel for the 36-year-old Aquaman star have asked the court to overturn the judgement in favor of the 60-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star on the basis of these and other arguments.

They also want Depp’s complaint dropped altogether or a new trial to be held. They also wanted the court to act in accordance with whatever the investigation against Juror 15 turned up.

Due to ongoing criminal investigations involving Heard in Australia, the defendant has asked for the defamation trial result to be overturned. Reports surfaced in 2016 that Amber Heard had snuck her pups into Australia, despite the country’s mandatory 10-day quarantine period for non-native pets. Heard said that Depp’s then-assistant Kate James was responsible for filing the necessary paperwork to legalize the import of the animals.

Another assistant, James Murphy, at the time supported Heard’s assertions and later in 2020 acknowledged to lying for the actress. The incident resulted in the reopening of the investigation into Heard by the Australian court. In addition, the incident led to accusations of perjury against Amber Heard.