All of us are Dead: Will The Netflix Show Have A Season 2?

All of us are Dead: Will The Netflix Show Have A Season 2?

The newest zombie apocalyptic K-drama All of us are Dead, is based on a digital comic that was created for smartphones. The author of the work was Zhu Dong-gy, whose creation was in demand by readers back in 2010. After so many years, Netflix joined the case, noticing the success of the idea. The company announced its plans to take up history in 2020, but outbreaks of the coronavirus slowed down the process slightly. Finally, the first season of the show took place, but there is no news yet about the renewal of the show for a second season. Here’s everything a fan must know.


All of us are Dead Season 2: Renewal And Release Date?

After the success of the film “Train to Busan,” a zombie epidemic began in the cinema of South Korea. Having discovered the audience’s love for such a genre, the writers and directors decided to throw all their efforts into surpassing the creation of Young Sang-ho. As of now, Netflix or the show’s creators have not openly talked about the possibility of a second season. Nevertheless, the release date of season 2 of “All of Us Are Dead” could take place in 2023 if the show is renewed for a second season. At the moment, the fate of the second season depends on the ratings of the first season of the series. The show’s high ratings will certainly give the work the green light.

All of us are Dead: What Is The Plot?

The story of the show takes place in an ordinary Korean school. One of the students is bitten by a rat. This sets off a “chain reaction.” Gradually, the school is filled with victims who turn into real monsters. Schoolchildren and teachers are trying to protect themselves from those who are not lucky enough to turn into predatory monsters.

The only salvation in the school, which has become a death trap, is a landline phone since none of the children can bring cell phones into the educational institution. Getting out of the trap into the street is simply impossible. The city is now unsafe, as the infection has spread beyond the walls.

It’s not yet clear if directors Lee Jae-Gyu and Kim Nam-soo will follow the plot of the comic strictly. Perhaps they will bring something of their own to the chilling story. Despite the fans’ interest in the question of whether All of us are Dead season 2 will be shown, the creators are in no hurry to satisfy the public’s curiosity and maintain intrigue.

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The original story has 130 chapters. The audience understands that it is not necessary to count on the fact that the authors will fit all the material into the plot of the first chapter. That is why the public dreams of continuing the story.

Lee Jae-Gyu is known to the public for the projects “Beethoven’s Virus” and “Kingdom of Two Hearts.” In total, the director has eight works on his account. His colleague Kim Nam-Su worked on the film The Man Who Was Superman. Unfortunately, the directors have not announced when the show “All of us are dead” Season 2 will be released, but everything is still ahead.

Filming for the show began in 2020 but was halted over the summer due to an outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. Directors and actors had to wait for when it would be possible to return to work. The first season will make its debut on Netflix on January 28. Until then, we have a trailer we can look into. 

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