All of us are Dead: Who Is Yoon Chan-young? The Actor Who Plays Lee Cheong-san In The Show?

All of us are Dead: Who Is Yoon Chan-young? The Actor Who Plays Lee Cheong-san In The Show?

All of us are Dead has emerged as an immense success on the Netflix streaming service. The Korean drama which revolves around the storyline of students stuck inside a school during a zombie apocalypse has managed to get its own fanbase. Now there are talks about a second season too, though nothing has been confirmed so far. One more thing which has turned into a sensation is the actor Yoon Chan-young. The actor who rose to fame after his portrayal of Lee Cheong-san in Netflix’s new TV series All Of Us Are Dead. Let’s find out about his age, Instagram and movies.


Biography & Background

Let’s start with the biography of Yoon Chan-young and find out the age of Lee Cheong-san ‘s actor, in the Netflix TV series All of us are Dead. First of all, we know that the actor is 20 years old and was born in South Korea on April 25, 2001. There is no news relating to his family, for this reason, we do not know if he has brothers or sisters or if he is an only child. However, we can tell you something about his training in show business. He also studied at Hanyang University, a private university in Seoul.

The actor began acting as a child in 2013 when he appeared in the TV series When a Man Falls in Love. In the same year, he also took part in Monster. In 2014 he also made his big-screen debut with the films The Legacy, Mourning Grave and Manhole, and then returned to television with the shows Pluto Squad, Gap-dong and Mama. In 2015 he also starred in other TV series such as Splendid Politics, Six Flying Dragons and Bubble Gum.


Private Life: Is He Dating Someone?

In his private life, however, there is no information and we do not know if Yoon Chan-young is single or engaged today. The actor who plays Lee Cheong-san in the Netflix TV series All of us are Dead, hasn’t made any statements about it, but we will update you in case of further news.

Yoon Chan-young: Instagram and social

If you like, we recommend that you follow Yoon Chan-young on his Instagram social profile, where he really has a lot of fans who follow him. On Instagram, the interpreter of Lee Cheong-san in the Netflix TV series All of us are Dead, has published about 90 posts and has reached over 1 million followers, which could increase even more thanks to the show that sees him among the protagonists.

Career & Filmography

Yoon Chan-young, therefore, managed to make himself known a lot in the Korean show business and worked with several television stations in his country, before also starting a collaboration with Netflix for All of us are Dead. Before returning to the small screen, in fact, between 2017 and 2020 he took part in many films, such as My Son Is Puberty, Mothers, Birthday, The Fault Is Not Yours and Light for the Youth. Today, in 2022, he is one of the protagonists of the TV series signed by Netflix’s All of us are Dead, where he plays the part of the character of Lee Cheong-san, thanks to which he is really achieving some success.

Yoon Chan-young as Lee Cheong-san in All of us are Dead

As already mentioned, therefore, among the protagonists of the Netflix TV series All of us are Dead, there is also Yoon Chan-young in the role of Lee Cheong-san. The actor plays the part of a student who lives next to Nam On-jo, the protagonist of the story, played by Park Ji-hoo. On the show, he also starred alongside actor Park Solomon, who instead played Lee Su-hyeok.

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