Now that Korean series like Squid Game are depopulating, Netflix has decided to bet everything on them. The k-drama thriller All of Us Are Dead, about a terrible zombie epidemic, is coming to the platform. But before we talk about the show in detail, we already know when it will be released on Netflix.

The release date chosen for this series is January 28, 2022. From this day, the episodes of the Korean series will be available in streaming.

All of Us Are Dead: What Is The Show About?

Netflix is ​​ready to welcome All of Us Are Dead, a Korean series based on the webtoon Naver Now at Our School by Joo Dong-Geun, released between 2009 and 2011. The story is about a zombie outbreak affecting a city in Korea of the South, bringing the few survivors to their knees.

We discover from the plot previews that the epicenter from which the zombie attack develops is a high school. Trapped students have to fight to get out or transform into one of the rabid infected. Despite their persistent calls to the police, the police do not immediately believe the young people. Still, soon the various police stations receive more and more phone calls from people reporting zombie attacks throughout the city.

All Of Us Are Dead: Who Is In The Cast?

Who stars in All of Us Are Dead? The cast includes actors such as Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Cho Yi-Hyun, Park Solomon, and Yoo In-soo, actors known to k-drama fans. But here is the list of the protagonists and the names of the characters of All Of Us Are Dead:

  • Yoon Chan-young as Chung-san
  • Park Ji-hoo as On-jo
  • Cho Yi-Hyun as Nam-ra
  • Park Solomon as Lee Soo-hyuk
  • Yoo In-soo as Yoon Gwi-nam

All Of Us Are Dead: How Many Episodes Does It Have? 

Do we know how many episodes it will consist of? According to reports online, the Korean series All Of Us Are Dead will be divided into eight episodes regarding the first season. We do not yet know the duration of these episodes, although they should be between 45 and 60 minutes.

In conclusion, we leave you with the trailer for All of Us Are Dead, released by Netflix. The video is when high school students, attacked by a group of zombies, contact the authorities, and try to save themselves by avoiding the infection.

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