All American Season 4 Episode 17: Hate Me Now’ Review And Recap


Everybody is finding how difficult change is.

All American Season 4 Episode 17 maintained the season’s theme of “It’s not easy being an adult.”

Life is not static, and so are relationships. That appeared to be the point made in this episode.

Spencer and Olivia were a wonderful example of an intact pair from high school (unless we add J.J. and his ego).

They eventually found time in their respective hectic schedules to go on an afternoon picnic. That appeared to be an excellent concept at the time.

Each person brought sweets they believed the other would love. Only their individual eating preferences had shifted without the other being aware. And, given the picnic’s primary focus on food and drink, this presented an issue.

Spencer requested a redo, but Olivia had already made plans for a work-related event. Spencer invited himself to her celebration, but all he learned about adult Olivia was how little he knew about her.

Spencer thought they were moving apart as Olivia and Spencer each apprenticed in their own fields. They couldn’t find the time to catch up on each other’s life despite rapid technological communications.

Olivia made the wise decision to speak with Billy, who has added a “voice of experience” to his extensive list of duties.

If Billy, with his football career, and Laura, with her law job, can maintain their relationship using only a phone, certainly Spencer and Olivia, who live in the same town, can as well.

Spencer ultimately had a perfect idea: sit down with Olivia and discuss the changes in her life and vice versa.

Olivia benefited from the fact that the majority of Spencer’s football life, whether good or bad, was public knowledge. Additionally, he is more forthright about his thoughts.

Spencer must provide Olivia with assistance from afar. It’s not as if he can simply go to the newspaper and observe her making photocopies.

Additionally, he does not appear to be the sort to read much beyond his playbook and any needed classwork.

Spencer was having an affair with a few people in his own home. The more contentious disagreement occurred with Asher.

Coach Montes is to blame for such circumstances. After weeks of Asher laundering uniforms, Montes decided to throw him into the deep end and assign him the task of preparing a scouting report on the GAU offence, the centrepiece of which is his flatmate Spencer.

Asher had no choice but to give it a shot if he truly desired a career as a coach. He also failed to consider the ramifications of his actions on his housemates (yes, Jordan too, to a much lesser degree).

His initial manuscript was exactly what you’d expect from Asher: sincere and meticulous but devoid of anything revolutionary. Billy, the fountain of wisdom, advised him to include player flaws that his team could exploit.

When residing with two GAU players, Asher was an idiot for leaving his laptop open to his scouting report. And, of course, Spencer objected when Asher discussed his insecurity because the truth is painful.

Billy also imparted knowledge to Spencer, who had not yet realised that his football life was being scrutinised.

Spencer proposed a rational solution: a suspension of friendship at the beach house until after the two schools’ homecoming game. How mature of him.

In the same vein as insecurity, snowflake Jordan took offence to everything. Spencer said the right things during his interview, referring to starter Wade as the best quarterback in the country. Not that Wade requires stroking of his enormous ego.

While Spencer’s popularity continues to rise, Jordan’s has stalled. One comeback victory was insufficient to convince Coach Garrett to bench Heisman’s favourite Wade in favour of Jordan. Consider this.

Billy informed Jordan that he was being far too sensitive. Jordan, on the other hand, got into an altercation with Spencer for praising Wade, the player who is currently tossing the ball his way. Spencer is not a buffoon.

Jordan decided to fix Layla’s problem instead of pissing off his housemate, driving her to San Diego to have her long-awaited conversation with Carrie.

Layla returned the kind, pleading with Jordan to let his situation alone so she could deal with hers. She even dragged him into a pickup football game in order for him to recall how much he enjoyed the game.

Layla and Carrie’s reunion went about as well as one could imagine. Layla regarded Carrie as just another person she had failed to mend. Carrie, on the other hand, felt grateful to Layla for keeping her alive long enough to seek treatment.

Layla was correct to express gratitude to Jordan for breaking past her shell and being the friend she has been in desperate need of for the last year.

According to the episode’s trailer, that may come back to bite Jordan, as a visiting Simone appears to have reservations about his platonic friendship with Layla. That’s quite a claim, given how much time Simone spends sniffing around Damon in All American: Homecoming.


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