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“Alice In Borderland” Renewed For “Season 2” On Netflix: Release Date, Cast Announcement and All We Know So Far

There were a number of countries where the anime “Alice in Borderland” was a top-ten most-watched series when it was released on Netflix in December of 2020 for a limited time. After a few months, Netflix became the home of “Squid Game,” a hugely popular show. Due to the similarity of its idea to “Alice in the Borderland,” the sitcom gained new viewers (via Business Insider).

They both follow characters competing in a series of contests where their lives are at stake, and “Squid Game” and “Alice in Borderland” have a lot in common. “Squid Game” takes place in a fictionalised version of Korea, while “Alice in Borderland” is set in an alternate reality Tokyo where no one saves the contestants in a video game-inspired tournament lives.

‘Alice in Borderland’ was picked up by Netflix for a second season in December 2020, only days after the episode premiered, according to Variety, and long before the ‘Squid Game’ spike significantly increased the show’s viewership. Everything we know about Season 2 of “Alice in Borderland” thus far.

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When will Alice in Borderland Season 2 be released?

The second season of Alice in Borderland is scheduled to premiere in December 2022, two years after the first episode aired.

As part of their virtual Japan Festival event in November 2021, Netflix revealed the announcement, with the premiere of the film being included in their showreel for the future calendar year. In the second half of 2021, the main filming will begin on new episodes, and it is scheduled to go until the beginning of the new year. People hoping to get hired as an extra in a movie or TV show must maintain this window of opportunity open, according to extras casting call.

As a result of the extensive post-production required to make this programme function, it will likely take a while before it is released. A total of 50 titles from Japan will be made available on Netflix as part of an initiative to broaden the streaming service’s selection of programming from throughout the world.

This includes both live-action and animated films and shows.

Who will star in Alice in Borderland Season 2?

Netflix has not yet released any information about the actors of “Alice in Borderlands” Season 2. Without a doubt, the series’ stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya, who play expert gamer Ryohei Arisu and climber Yuzuha Usagi, respectively, are prominently featured in the Netflix Festival Japan promo. It is reasonable to anticipate that both performers will return for Season 2 based on their involvement in the series’ early promotion for the season and their significance to the series’ ongoing plot.

According to the presumption that all of the participants who survived Season 1 of “Alice in Borderland” will return for Season 2, Season 2 should also include Shuntaro Chishiya actor Nijiro Murakami Hikari Kuina and Ann Rizuna, played by Ayaka Miyoshi and Aya Asahina, respectively. Furthermore, Riisa Naka is expected to reprise her role as Mira Kano, who was teased in Season 1 as having a more blatantly malevolent role in the upcoming season. Given the deaths of a large number of characters introduced in Season 1, it is possible that some wholly new characters may appear in the following season.

What will happen in the second season of Alice in Borderland?

There are at least 33 chapters left to explore in Haro Aso’s manga series after the first season of Alice in Borderland. Of course, the Netflix adaptation’s writers may go in a different way to extend the plot.

Arisu had not only survived several dangerous games but had lost his buddies Chota and Kobe. In the last Ten of Hearts game, everyone had to find the “Witch” hiding among them. After a horrifying bloodbath, Arisu discovered Momoka was the Witch, and that she and Asahi were deliberately undermining the game.

A stranger named Mira appears in the control room, announcing a new round of games taking place in Tokyo City. And this new controller may be much more harmful than the previous ones.

While Netflix hasn’t announced what’s next, Mira will undoubtedly play a major part as the Big Bad. While her games may differ from those we’ve seen thus far, they will undoubtedly be lethal.

Expect further implications from the concept of saboteurs, making it harder for Arisu to trust anybody. And now that his pals are gone, he’s left with only the grief of their loss. Let’s hope season two doesn’t undo all that psychological harm.

Season two won’t be moving anywhere.

Set in Tokyo, the movie captures the city’s exoticism and fascination says director Shinsuke Sato (via Still Watching Netflix).

“I started with the global audience in mind. In terms of business, Alice in Borderland was made for the Japanese market. But it became a chance to showcase Japan’s ambience, its local feeling and ambience. “I always hoped an international audience unfamiliar with Japan would be excited or affected.”

Sato has hinted at a three-season restriction for the show.

“There’s a long original manga comic that this is based after, but if it were a movie, there’s a pretty established three-act framework.” Film school teaches us that a two-hour film balances nicely as a three-act structure. I used to think that a three-act framework was required, therefore I divided the three acts carefully.”

But Sato’s style has developed since then, so no one knows.

I become less anxious about structure as I wrote more. But I had to make several adjustments to get close to that image. I revised a lot. Then I’d rewrite and toss it again until I was satisfied.”

Season two will undoubtedly have multifaceted personalities, whether they are heroes or villains.

“Creating a compelling protagonist is vital for any tale, not just movies,” Sato added. “But great protagonists aren’t born determined. The protagonist’s strengths are what I think to make him exceptional.

“As a filmmaker, I often add layers of myself to the characters I create. Sometimes I add elements of myself to the characters. Even the most horrible individuals have times where you can delve into their background and understand why they are the way they are.”

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