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Alex Rider Season 3: Release Date Updates! Deets Inside

Alex Rider has been one of Sony’s top TV show production till the day. With the arrival of its second season this December, the show jumped off to another level of popularity and fanbase. Many viewers compare the main character with the young James Bond for a number of reasons: he is dexterous, quick-witted, and knows how to get out of any trouble. 

Now, since the cliff hanging end of its second season, the fans of the show are now concerned more about the potential season 3, which is by the way officially coming. 

Alex Rider: When Will Season 3 Release?

An action-packed film about a young spy may acquire a sequel. The long-awaited premiere of the second chapter took place on December 3, 2021, but fans of the show are interested in the further fate of the project.

Tentatively, an estimation can be made that the third season will release sometime in November 2022, though nothing has been confirmed so far. Recall that the information about the renewal of the series for the third season has been confirmed officially. 

The shooting for the third season started back in May 2021, as confirmed by IMDb TV.  

What Is The Plot?

Now it is almost impossible to imagine someone other than Otto Farrant in the role of the main character, but this was not always the case. Did you know that the young intelligence agent could be the little boy who stabbed Snow in Game of Thrones? For some reason, actor Brenok O’Connor refused to embody the image of the main spy, giving him up to Farrant.

Alex was orphaned early, so his uncle took up his upbringing. At the suggestion of a relative, the guy was in a hurry after lessons for training. The acquired knowledge was useful to him in the future when the uncle of the protagonist died. And for the teenager himself, strange people staged a hunt. 

It turned out that the guy’s relative was not so simple, and now the young man will have to become a secret intelligence agent. He goes to a private school to reveal the name of his uncle’s killer.

Recall that the studio decided to film the second book by the author Anthony Horowitz, whose stories served as the basis for the first & second season. Unlike Thunderbolt (2006), which paid attention to the first novel, the film turned out to be much more serious and adult. 

By the way, that film was made by Weinstein studio, created by brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Sony does not say when the Alex Rider 3 season will be released, but there is hope in the hearts of fans.

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