86 Season 2 Release Date Status Update: Will There Be A Second Season Of 86 Anime?


Asato Asato’s light book series “86 Eighty Six” is a military science-fiction series developed by Shirabii, who illustrated the series with his own artwork. “86 Eighty Six” is a light novel that was first published in 2017 by ASCII Media Works and then licenced to Yen Press for distribution in North America. It has received several awards since its release. This includes winning the 23rd Dengeki Novel Prize Competition in 2016, as well as other other honours (via Anime News Network). The novel series was the subject of a manga adaptation that was released in 2018. The international premiere of an anime adaptation made by A-1 Pictures will take place in 2021. A short time after the series’ first premiere, an English dub of the series was released.

Lena Milizé is the protagonist of the anime series “86 Eighty Six,” who serves as handler for the Spearhead mecha squadron, which operates in a distant part of the world. A spider-like mecha called as Juggernaut is piloted by Spearhead, and they guard the country of San Magnolia from the threat posed by the Legion, an army of autonomous mecha manufactured by the Giad Empire. Despite the fact that they fight on the front lines, all Juggernaut pilots are Colorata, a racial minority inside San Magnolia that has been forced to live in exile in the country’s 86th district by the majority population of fair-skinned Albas for the duration of the war.

“86 Eighty Six” is what is known as a “split-cour” anime, which means that it is divided into two halves. In practise, this means that the first season is divided in half, with each half scheduled to air at a separate moment throughout the year. The first season, which consisted of 11 episodes, was completed in June of 2021. Fans are now waiting with bated breath for the second season to begin. Here is all we currently know about the imminent release of this film.

When Will 86 Season 2 Release Date ?

The release date for 86 Season 2 has been set as October 2, 2021, which corresponds to the Fall 2021 anime season. It is planned to release the second season in four Blu-ray/DVD packages, each of which will have all 12 episodes.

Aside from that, the release date for 86 Episode 22 has been pushed out to March 12, 2022. The release date for 86 Episode 23 will be the next week, on March 19, 2022, after that.

It was necessary to postpone the final two episodes of the 86 Season 2 anime owing to a combination of animation production challenges and television time slot conflicts. The release date for 86 Season 2 Episode 11 is discussed in further detail in our new post dedicated to the topic.

Confused? The reason for this is that the first season of the 86 anime was initially advertised as a split cour anime season, which was later changed.

When English Dub Of The Anime Will Be Coming Out?

There is no news about the English dub of the anime. However, we should keep in mind that Funimation is streaming the anime, and Funimation is known for making English dubs of anime. Besides, most popular anime shows now have English dubs, so there is a good chance.

You might be wondering what a “cour” is?

To clarify, a “cour” is a three-month period of television programming based on the physical seasons and often consisting of ten to thirteen episodes, depending on the show’s length.

A “split-cour” is a period of time during which a single anime season is not shown on television for several months until it is broadcast again.

The first season of the 86 anime television series was initially scheduled to premiere in 2020, but it was postponed until Spring 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Season 1’s Blu-Ray/DVD page on the official website lists a total of 11 episodes distributed in four-disc sets for the first season.On June 19, 2021, the first season of 86 Episode 11 came to a close. This was followed up by a tweet from the Twitter account saying, “Please look forward to the second cour broadcast!” A special edition episode titled 86: Eighty-Six The Poppies Bloom Red on the Battlefield would be released on June 26, 2021, according to the official website of The Walking Dead. An official teaser trailer for 86 Part 2 was released on that day, revealing that the film will be formally referred to as 86 Season 2 for marketing purposes.

The anime TV series 86 Season 3 will be deemed to have begun with Episode 24 of Season 3 and will end with Episode 24 of Season 3.

Who are the main characters in Season 2 of 86 Eighty Six?

In “86 Eighty Six,” the main cast of characters is at the centre of the story. Colorata and Alba’s connection is examined through Lena’s (Ikumi Hasegawa in Japanese, Suzie Yeung in English) long-distance relationship with Spearhead (via Myanimelist). Although she begins the book with pro-Colorata views, her appreciation of their suffering as warriors and second-class citizens grows as the novel progresses. This is especially true of her connection with Spearhead Captain Shin “Undertaker” Nouzen (Shouya Chiba/Billy Kametz), who is portrayed by Billy Kametz.

These two, though, are only a minor portion of what makes Spearhead what it is. Raiden Shuga (Seiichir Yamashita/Jonah Scott), Theoto Rikka (Natsumi Fujiwara/Casey Mongillo), Anju Emma (Saori Hayami/Maureen Prince), and Kurena Kukumila (Sayami Suzushiro/Erica Mendez) are among the other key members that may appear in the second cour. Even still, this group only accounts for a small portion of Spearhead’s population, and as Lena prepares to face the next generation of Spearhead fighters, the number of characters will only increase.

What will be the plot of Season 2 of 86 Eighty Six?

When the first season of “86 Eighty Six” ended, Spearhead had taken a significant stride forward in their final mission. They were given the mission of pushing ahead into Legion territory until all of them were killed in combat. For any 86 (the colloquial moniker for Colorata) nearing the conclusion of their military service, the unit turns out to be more of a death sentence. By the conclusion of the first cour, the Spearhead we know is stranded deep behind enemy lines, with just one Juggernaut operational. Many members’ fates are still unknown after another conflict, with only Shin reported to be alive. Meanwhile, Lena waits for Spearhead’s replacements to arrive.

Even though just half of “86 Eighty Six’s” manga has been adapted, A-1 Pictures still has plenty of material to work with as the show’s first season comes to a close. Later events of “86 Eighty Six,” according to the summary posted on Myanimelist, see Lena following in the footsteps of the original Spearhead. Although some members appear to be living, this does not guarantee that the issue will be resolved. When the second season of “86 Eighty Six” premieres in October, fans will find out if and how the show’s protagonists manage to live another day.

86 – Eighty Six Season 2 – Official Trailer | English Sub

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