The 7 Lives Of Lea’ Season 1 Ending Explained In Detail, Is Ismael Dead Or Alive?


Netflix has launched The Seven Lives of Lea! Continue reading if you’re curious about how season 1 concluded! The Seven Lives of Lea is a French-language Netflix original series created by Charlotte Sanson and based on Natal Trapp’s novel The Seven Lives of Lea Belami.

Léa is an adolescent who lives in a small town where everybody knows everyone and where few people are leaving to grow up. She matures, becomes dissatisfied, and is unlikely to progress much further.

However, when unconscious at a party, she finds a corpse, bringing a 30-year-old unsolved murder of her parents’ friend, Ishmael, to an end. Continue reading to learn when season 2 will be published.

To add insult to injury, she awakens in 1991 in someone else’s body every night for the next seven years, witnessing Ishmael’s final days unfold through the lives of everyone around her. She becomes adamant in her determination to save him. We discuss the season 1 Ending of The Seven Lives of Lea!

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‘The Seven Lives Of Lea’ Season 1 Ending Explained: Ismael Is Dead Or Alive? 

Lea realized that if she spared Ismael, her father will come out as gay much sooner in life and will not end up with her mother.

As a result, Lea’s birth is quite unlikely. She was certain that if she had to choose between herself and Ismael in a survival situation, she would always choose herself.

She was in love with him, but she wasn’t ready to devote her life to someone who didn’t even know who she was. Lea had decided not to sleep in order to prevent the chance of waking up in someone person’s body. But she falls asleep and wakes up as Ismael, much to her amazement.

Ismael, Karine, and Stephane arrive for the concert on World Music Day, June 21st, where they were due to perform. Those who have come include Patricia, Sandra, and Pye.

All of them become severely intoxicated as a result of Patricia’s medications. They go into the woods and build a bonfire near the edge of the cliff. Pye, who is inebriated, points a gun toward Ismael. Stephane is having a nervous breakdown and is fed up with living in fear and shame.

He takes Pye’s gun and intends to commit suicide to put an end to his torment. Karine steps in front of him before he can do so, causing both of them to slide and fall to the ground.

Stephane presses the trigger by accident, and the bullet is fired at Ismael. Ismael should have been killed on the spot. Lea, who is stuck inside his body, however, reacts immediately and leaps off the cliff.

Along the river, he is confronted by a bunch of bullies, including Sandra’s brother, Jonathan. They nearly drowned him by immersing his head in the water and denying him the ability to breathe.

Ismael runs away and survives. Jonathan follows him but decides to let him live in the end.

Ismael was meant to die, yet he did survive. In order to save him, Lea changed the timeline. However, as a result of this, Lea would cease to exist and would never be born.

She scribbled everything in Ismael’s diary before falling asleep, knowing she wouldn’t wake up on time.

Ismael starts his day by reading his diary. He has no idea who Lea is or what brought her to his help. When he returns home, his father greets him with open arms.

When he informs his younger brother, Soufiane, if he recognizes anyone named Lea from the future, he’s about to fall asleep. Soufiane wakes up and tells him about the moment Ismael told him he was Lea and he started acting oddly.

Ismael is taken aback when he learns a secret in the notes left in his notebook by this enigmatic girl from the future named Lea.

Season 2 of “The 7 Lives of Lea” on Netflix could be in the works, with Ismael attempting to track down Lea and learn more about what she’s done for him.

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