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365 Days: This Day Ending Is Explained: What Happens At The End Of 356 Days 2?

365 Days: This Day’s Endings spoilers ahead

Following the success of the controversial first film on Netflix, 365 Days: This Day continues Laura and Massimo’s love story – with some added Mafia intrigue.

The sequel picks up where the first film left off, with Laura’s fate hanging in the balance following a hit on her by a rival Mafia family. Fortunately, she survived, and the sequel begins with Laura and Massimo marrying.

Their honeymoon period is brief, however, as a revelation from Massimo’s past complicates their new beginning, just as Laura begins to develop feelings for enigmatic gardener Nacho.

It all culminates in a shocking conclusion that will amaze fans, but before we get started, a fair warning that there will be significant spoilers ahead.

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365 Days: This Day Ending Is Explained:

Finally, everything comes together. However, in order for the conclusion to make sense, we must first recount what occurred, including some new details. Therefore, let us do so.

For one thing, Massimo has an unnamed twin brother who despises him and his success. He has partnered with Anna in an attempt to reclaim control of his late father’s empire from Massimo.

Both are motivated by envy — Anna for being scorned for Laura, and Adriano for being the runt of the litter since he was born ten minutes after big bro.

365 Days This Day Ending Is Explained
365 Days This Day Ending Is Explained

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Needless to say, Laura was caught having s*x with Adriano and Anna. However, this was all part of a scheme to force her into the arms of Nacho, who happens to be the son of Don Fernando Matos, Massimo’s long-time organized crime adversary.

Matos is concerned about Massimo’s business expansions and believes he should be reined in. After Laura’s accident, which Matos orchestrated, he now wishes to replace Massimo with the much more manipulable Adriano.

Adriano and Anna, on the other hand, have other plans. They kidnap Laura while Massimo is meeting with Don Matos. As a result, Nacho and Massimo join forces to rescue her, resulting in a standoff during which the entire plot is revealed, as well as Laura’s loss of Massimo’s baby in the accident.

Anna shoots Laura when she attempts to flee, at which level Nacho shoots Anna and Massimo shoots Adriano. Nacho holds his gun to Massimo’s head as Laura bleeds out on the floor, but he eventually leaves him alive to tend to her.

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What Happens At The End Of 356 Days 2

Finally, Laura escaped with Nacho and then becomes pregnant with his child. With disturbing twist after disturbing twist, Kolejne 365 dni subverts the notion that the 365 Dni series is even a love story (because it isn’t).

365 Days: This Day is now streaming on Netflix.

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