365 Days 2 Release Date, Cast Details and Everything You Need To Know!

365 Days 2 Release Date

In the sequel to 365 Days (Polish: 365 Dni), the 2020 Polish erotica film directed by Barbara Bialows and Tomasz Mandes and based on the first novel of a trilogy by Blanka Lipiska, Massimo and Laura will finally reunite in the coming year. On February 7, 2020, 365 Days was launched in theatres in Poland, and it was then published on Netflix in June 2020, when it quickly became a global hit despite receiving mixed critical reception. Fans are looking forward to watching 365 Days 2 and the sequel that will follow, but when will the second film be aired on Netflix and what will take place is unclear.

The good news is that 365 Days 2 will be released in 2022, which means that we will know it will premiere on Netflix this year at the very least. Additionally, 365 Days 3 is in the works, so there’s a lot to be enthusiastic about in the near future. Although it’s been nearly two years since the original film was released in Polish theatres, as well as approximately one and a half years since it was made available on Netflix, it’s finally time for the sequel to be released. Is it possible that 365 Days 2 will be released in February, in time for Valentine’s Day? Check out the rest of the information on the eagerly awaited sequel down below.

365 Days 2 Release Date

As of Feb. 10, Netflix has yet to make an official announcement on the release date of 365 Days 2 on their streaming service. Fans are hoping to see the 365 Days 2 movie in time for Valentine’s Day, but the film is more likely to be published on Netflix in the spring or summer of 2022, rather than around the holiday. The sequel is almost certainly currently in production, so it wouldn’t be unexpected if 365 Days 2 was published on Netflix by May 2022, if not sooner. The fact that the sequel has been in the post-production stage for some time suggests that things will be ending up shortly, if not already.

Update: The Netflix Daily Updates page on Facebook claimed that 365 Days will be released on Netflix in June 2022, although there has yet to be any official word from the streaming service on when exactly the film will be released.

365 Days director Tomasz Mandes appears to have responded to a Facebook commenter with a screenshot of what appears to be his statement, confirming that the story regarding the film’s June 2022 Netflix premiere is false.

Netflix recently released a list of movies and television episodes that will be available on its streaming service in March 2022, and regrettably, 365 Days 2 is not among them. However, you might be interested in watching the hot Bridgerton Season 2, which is due to premiere on March 25. Starz and Netflix (but only in certain territories) will both release Outlander Season 6 on March 6, as well.

Netflix has already revealed its slate of future original movies that will premiere in 2022, and unfortunately, 365 Days 2 is not included on the list. However, this does not rule out the possibility of the film premiering this year. It’s unlikely to be included in the schedule because it may not be considered a Netflix original series.

We will update this story as soon as Netflix confirms a release date for 365 Days 2 on their official website.

365 Days 2 Cast

Knowing that the male lead will be returning to the “365 Days” fold, as Michele Morrone announced early on, we can rest assured. Morrone portrays Massimo, a criminal who owns a huge mansion where he keeps his love interest imprisoned. In addition, Anna-Maria Sieklucka will reprise her role as Laura, the subject of Massimo’s romantic interest, which she played in the first film. Magdalena Lamparska will also reprise her role as Olga, Laura’s best friend. It is also believed that other members of the supporting cast will return for the sequel.

In Part 2, a new key character will be introduced, who will be played by Italian actor Simone Susinna. In a slightly ludicrous twist, his presence results in a love triangle that serves as the focal point of the second film. Blanka Lipiska is once again collaborating on the script for the film, just as she did for the previous one. Part 2 will be directed by Barbara Bialow’s and Tomasz Mandes, who directed the original film as well as Part 1. (via Deadline).

365 Days 2 Plot

When you consider that there are two further books in the series that the movie is based on, the cliffhanger at the end of “365 Days” isn’t really that much of a cliffhanger. It’s very evident that Laura survives. In the second book, Massimo and Laura begin a new chapter in their relationship. His discovery of her pregnancy leads to their marriage, but he is faced with a big problem when Marcelo “Nacho” Matos (Susinna) pulls a Massimo and kidnaps Laura (Julia Roberts). (Please don’t do this again!) As a result, she finds herself falling for Nacho as well. Voilà! There’s an instant love triangle. Laura and the baby’s lives are in jeopardy, and there’s also something going on with Massimo having an evil twin brother to contend with.

365 Days 2 Plot
365 Days 2 Plot

It appears to be as hot a mess as the previous film, perhaps even more so — but it is the “hot” element that has kept fans coming back, and more of the same is planned for the third installment as well.

Nevertheless, Deadline speculates that with Netflix’s monitoring, some of the troublesome ideas from the first film may be moderated in favour of a more conservative approach in the sequel. Whether or not this is the truth, fans will have to wait until next year to find out.

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365 Days 2 Trailer

As of right now, no trailer for 365 Days 2 has been released. However, because it will be released in 2022, the trailer will be available only before the film is made available on streaming services. According to author Blanka Lipiska, the story of Massimo and Laura will gain new dimensions in the upcoming sequel, and there will be more space in the mix.

Until the last installment of the trilogy is released, you may watch the first film in the series on Netflix, which is now streaming the first episode.


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