3 futureproof careers for the internet age

3 futureproof careers for the internet age

There are certain professions for which there will always be a demand.

These jobs may include teachers, doctors and other emergency services and vital key workers. 

However, even if you work outside of these sectors there are still plenty of ways to future-proof your career. The rise of the internet is creating a wealth of new and previously unimagined roles to appear. And while some of them are rather fragile in nature – the complex world of influencer earners is inarguably unstable for the average person – others are here to stay and will remain in demand for the foreseeable future. 

With that in mind, these are just three careers to help you futureproof your earning potential – take a look! 

  1. Digital marketing 

As ecommerce has become the go-to method of buying for many consumers, businesses are responding by altering the way in which they market to audiences 

That means that digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries of the private sector. With the vast majority of the population always within arm’s reach of an internet device 

If you want to learn more about digital marketing to build a career, consider studying an online degree with ARU. This course takes place entirely online meaning you can study from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection, and determine your schedule on your own terms.  

With a career in digital marketing, you’ll spearhead the innovative future of advertising, using online communication to create connection between consumers and brands. 

  1. Video game developer 

To become a game developer, you’ll need to be highly skilled with a good imagination and a wealth of technical talents. But as the video gaming industry continues to grow, this sector is only set to expand in new and fascinating ways. 

It’s a competitive market, but it’s one that isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and if you can distinguish your talents and stand out form the crowd, you could find yourself with a very secure career. 

Naturally, you’ll need a strong technical knowledge, as well as creativity and a good understanding of the industry – the best game devs are those that are passionate about the art of video gaming and understand what the player expects from their experience. 

  1. Cybersecurity specialist 

As the internet grows more sophisticated, so too do the methods of those who would threaten the sanctity of safety online. 

Enter cybersecurity specialists. It’s their job to protect sensitive data and protect individuals and organisations from exploitation, and in the digital era where virtually all of us have at least some of our personal information stored online, it’s a vital role. 

Your skills will be applied in a range of contexts, from commercial usage to safeguarding remote working arrangements

As someone embarking on a career in cyber security, you’ll already have an extensive knowledge of computer science, as well as a solution-driven approach to technological systems. 

Want a futureproof career in a growing industry? These are just three suggestions for your next move. 

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