5 Fatal Flaws in Most College Essays


Creating a remarkable college essay from scratch is not that easy as it seems at first sight. Students need to know how to present themselves in order to stand out among other applicants. Indeed, you may ask for professional writing help and order affordable paper from top experts. Still, it’s vital to ensure that your essay reflects your best sides and can bring your application extra points.

But what should you pay attention to when writing an application paper and what are the most common essay mistakes? Check this article and find useful tips for creating a flawless application essay.

5 Most Popular College Essay Mistakes

If you take a look at various college essay examples, you will realize that they all look alike. In most cases, students try to persuade the admission committee that they are the best fit for the position they apply to. But even if you are an expert in writing, it could be quite challenging to create an original application paper. The majority of young people make such mistakes as:

Cliche Essay Topics

The worst thing that you can do with your admission essay is to pick a hackneyed topic. The most overused college essay topics are the ones related to short volunteer projects or unnecessary life events that do not reveal students’ achievements.

Ensure that your essay is original and you’re interested in the topic you’ve selected. Otherwise, it will be difficult to write a good paper even if you use all your powers.

Including too Much Unnecessary Information

Another common mistake is to write about something irrelevant. For instance, some students include the things they’ve already stated in their resumes. Others make a list of accomplishments that won’t bring them any points as they are not suitable for the place they are applying to.

Think like a member of an admission committee and wonder what will make you pick one student among other applicants. What makes you unique? Why should they give this place to you?

Focusing on Others

It’s great if you have someone you admire or emulate. But don’t talk too much about this person in your essay. Focus on yourself and describe your best sides as this is what the committee wants to see in your paper.


Indeed, you need to describe your advantages and it’s pretty normal to embellish them a bit. But don’t overdo it as we all have bad sides and make mistakes from time to time. Instead of pretending to be a hero, show that you can cope with failures and move forward with your head held high.

Paying Attention to Only One Advantage

Although it’s great if you point out your main feature that highlights you from others, a committee wants to learn more about your personality. Hence, the best option is to emphasize your best side and also mention other advantages that make you the best fit for the position.

What Not to Write About in a College Application Essay

So, you need to focus on your advantages and pick an original topic that will be easy to disclose. But what are the things that you should definitely avoid in your paper? Here’s the list of what to exclude from your application essay:

  • anything negative
  • anything irrelevant (that doesn’t show your experience or achievements)
  • general/vague statements or someones’ thoughts
  • the things you’ve already mentioned in your resume
  • trivial things that plenty of other people do

How To Create an Outstanding Paper

You can either order a paper written by professionals at https://writemyessay.me/write-my-college-essay/ or create the one on your own following these useful tips:

  • pick the right topic
  • follow the structure
  • talk about yourself
  • show your best sides
  • pay attention to grammar
  • leave time for proofreading
  • ask someone to check your paper


Overall, most students make the same mistakes while creating college essays. Indeed, it takes too much time and effort to write a remarkable paper that will be noted by an admission committee. But all this work will definitely be evaluated and appreciated.

Still, if you aren’t ready to spend sleepless nights writing an outstanding application essay, there’s a solution. Just ask for professional writing assistance and get your flawless paper done at short notice. But make sure that you properly check the company you plan to cooperate with. As the demand for such services keeps growing, more and more fraudsters appear on the market. Read essay company review before placing an order and take a look at terms and conditions to ensure that you will get a refund in case you aren’t satisfied with the final version of an essay. Good luck!


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