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Everyone knows that college is supposed to be a time to explore the intellectual horizons of life, but there is more to the college experience than just book learning. Indeed, many students go to college with the expectation of attending some amazing parties and fun events. The social factor is one of the most important reasons that students attend college on-campus, and developing exciting and compelling events is a great way to build social connections and to get the most out of the college experience. But not everyone is a born party planner. So, how can you create some great events to help your college crew have a fun and exciting time? In this article, we’ll take a look at a few ideas online for planning great events for college students.

Creative and Innovative Event Ideas for Students

Here are a few of the events that are sure to get college and university students interested and excited.

  1. Host tours to connect students with the world beyond campus. Run different types of tours to help students integrate into the community beyond campus. Walking tours, bike tours, and bus tours to local attractions can get students interested in exploring their communities. Be sure to share the best local businesses, restaurants, and hang-out spots to help students find their place outside campus gates. When hosting these events for incoming freshmen, invite parents to join in to help build stronger connections in the broader campus community.
  2. Organize a nature tour. Environmental issues are very important and a major interest to many college students. Get students interested in the local environment with a nature tour to highlight your campus community’s unique biome. Have your school’s agriculture or biology department share special insights into your local area, including unusual plants and animals as well as any endangered species students could become active in protecting.
  3. Put together a “crawl” for students. Most of us have heard of the infamous pub or bar “crawl,” where students go from one drinking establishment to the next. But not every crawl has to involve inebriation. Organize intellectual, culinary, or career-oriented “crawls” to shuttle students around your college town. Try a museum crawl to spend the day visiting different museums, or a restaurant crawl to taste the wide variety of cuisine available in the area. You can also organize a roving job fair to take students to local workplaces that hire student workers.
  4. Organize a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are an interactive way to get students to learn more about the community around them. Take advantage of the resources in your community to get students out and about and interact with local residents. For example, you might ask students to talk to locals about their favorite thing about having the school in town, or you can have students bond by seeking out their classmates’ hidden talents.
  5. Host a community service fair. Similar to a job fair, you can host a community service fair to help students connect with nonprofits and charities that need volunteers. Students want to get involved, so help them make connections and discover opportunities.
  6. Bring in engaging speakers. Students love to see interesting and engaging speakers. Bring in some famous names or host talks on compelling or even controversial topics to bring students together to hear what your speakers have to say.
  7. Have a regular alumni night. The college community exists in time as well as space. Help students to connect with alumni to form bonds that move beyond the four years of their college careers to stay part of the community for decades to come. Students can benefit from alumni’s experience and connections, while alumni can groom the next generation of employees.
  8. Host a mentoring event. Students are often emotionally challenged by the transition to college. Host an event to help students find an upper-class mentor who can help guide them through the transition and serve as a friend and resource.
  9. Host a writing help night. Many students need help to write their essays and papers. Host a night where students can get the help they need with their writing without having to hire paid experts just to have someone write papers for them. Instead of sending students to writemypaperhub.com or another service, have faculty, tutors, or fellow students look over what students have written and run a writing workshop.
  10. Run a stress-busting seminar. Get students actively combatting stress by hosting stress-buster nights to have students play games, have fun, meditate, or otherwise mindfully work to develop stress-busting strategies. This is especially important at the end of semester and at midterms, when students are experiencing the greatest levels of stress, as classwork, essays, jobs, and family obligations can all seem to pile up at the same time.
  11. Organize “adulting” lessons. Many students come to campus with few life skills. Events that teach practical skills for living independently can be a popular and engaging way to empower students. For example, a class on dorm room cooking can both teach culinary skills and improve students’ overall nutrition.
  12. Start a fun campus sports league. Not every student is going to be on the football or basketball teams, but most students are interested in having some fun along with a little exercise. Launch some fun intramural leagues for unusual sports like Quidditch, LARPing, and other ways to combine fun with getting together and getting some exercise.

Are You Ready to Plan a Crazy Event for Students?

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