Duke Dennis Age, Height, Net Worth and His Career Journey!

Duke Dennis Age, Height, Net Worth
Duke Dennis Age, Height, Net Worth

Duke Dennis is a well-known American YouTube gamer and video developer. He rose to prominence after posting videos on his YouTube channel regarding the basketball video game NBA 2K17. His films have millions of fans and have given him a decent living.

Dennis is one of many young people who profit from contemporary technology. Basketball skill has been transformed into a profitable internet profession thanks to video games, social networking, and YouTube. He is presently one of the most well-known gamers and YouTubers in the world. Many people want to know how old is Duke Dennis so keep reading to know every detail about him.

Duke Dennis Age

Duke Dennis, an American YouTube celebrity noted for his fascinating video, was born in Greenville, South Carolina on February 26, 1994. He is 29 years old as of 2023, marking a key milestone in his career as a content developer. Duke has created a significant presence in the digital world throughout the years, notably in gaming and entertainment.

His age indicates not just the number of years he has lived on Earth, but also the maturity and experience he brings to his job. He has a huge following on his Instagram Account where he posts pictures for his fans.

One of his most recent Instagram Post can be seen below:


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This expertise shows in the inventiveness and engagement of his YouTube videos, which have a sizable following. Duke’s transformation from a youthful enthusiast to a popular YouTuber at the age of 29 is a monument to his hard work and devotion to his trade.

Who is Duke Dennis’s Girlfriend?

Due to the fact that Duke Dennis prefers to keep his romantic life private, it is unknown whether or not he is currently dating. Fans of the YouTuber are aware that he has been in at least one relationship due to the fact that he has previously had an interview on his channel with his ex-girlfriend, Kali.

Duke Dennis Height, Weight, and Physique

Duke stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, 172 centimeters (1.72 meters). Dennis weighs a healthy 62 kg (136 lbs) overall. The waist and chest dimensions of the YouTuber are similarly 28 and 36 inches, respectively. Duke has been wearing shoes seven inches (US) in size and a hip 34 inches (US).

The star’s physique is fit, slender, and muscular. Dennis has an oval face, a pointed nose, and broad, thin lips. Duke also has brown hair and eyes that are somewhat darker brown.

Duke Dennis’s Net Worth

Duke Dennis’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. He earns money via YouTube and sells merchandise on the website Design by Humans. Duke Dennis’ YouTube account, @DukeDennis864, generates consistent revenue. It has 1.9 million followers and over 179 million views. His second channel, @DukeDennisAMP (founded in 2020), has 1.94 million subscribers and has had over 106 million views.

Duke Dennis Age, Height, Net Worth
Duke Dennis Age, Height, Net Worth

Duke Dennis Early years

Duke turned 27 years old today on February 26, 1994. While the YouTuber is well-known, he maintains his personal details private. He has not yet shared any information about his parents. He does, however, have two brothers, one of them is Darius Dennis, who features on his channel on a regular basis.

Duke Dennis is from where? The YouTube gamer is a native of the United States. He was born in Georgia, Alabama, where he most likely spent his boyhood. Unfortunately, he has not divulged much about his childhood years. However, he is said to have gone to a Catholic secondary school.

Duke played football for roughly two years in high school. He was really excellent at it, and he was even offered scholarships from a couple of institutions around his hometown. He was not interested in playing football in college, therefore he elected to forego them.

Duke is of African-American descent. He stands 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) tall, has a healthy, muscular, and well-built physique, and weighs between 70 and 75 kg. The YouTuber likes body art as well. He has a number of permanent tattoos and grills that he actively flaunts on his social media profiles.

Duke Dennis YouTube Career

Duke joined YouTube about the time he intended to join the army in 2013. However, he did not publish any regular material until 2017, until the time of his departure. He began by recording videos of himself playing simulation basketball games, which quickly became famous.

Some of his early films include “Best Jump Shot in NBA 2K17” and “Angry Trash Talker,” in which he plays online NBA 2K17 against an irate opponent. The films became viral, collecting thousands of views and putting his channel to the forefront. Duke has constantly released videos and live broadcasts of himself playing different video games since his initial recordings.

In addition, he narrates anecdotes about his life experiences, such as his service in the army, from time to time. He also works with other YouTubers, which has really benefited his channel. Duke has focused solely on his YouTube account since quitting the service. As a consequence, his channel has increased dramatically in size and now has 1.78 million subscribers. His most recent videos have received over 200,000 views apiece.

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Duke Dennis Military Career

Duke is a retired US military soldier who served in the army branch. He joined immediately out of high school after rejecting college football scholarship offers. Instead, he followed a buddy who was seeking for a way out of their harsh neighborhood after their college plans fell through. He was stationed in Germany after basic training, where he mostly conducted administrative duties. He did, however, claim to have been engaged in a gunfight with his relative.

Duke has said that he struggled to acclimate to military life on the fly. In a YouTube video, he indicated that he dislikes being told what to do and finds it difficult to obey commands and the tight military regimen. He tried to leave basic training after arrival, but his mother encouraged him to stay until the finish.

Duke sought to resign from the army after being stationed in Germany. He even pondered doing something criminal, like using marijuana, to be sent out. However, after consulting with his sergeant, he completed his four-year term and left the army in 2017.

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