Dean McDermott Breaks Silence On His Divorce From Tori Spelling!!

Dean McDermott Breaks Silence On His Divorce
Dean McDermott Breaks Silence On His Divorce

The spotlight is shining on Dean McDermott as he finally speaks out about his divorce from Tori Spelling. Their relationship has been under the public eye for years, but now McDermott’s voice adds a new dimension to the story. Join us as we delve into the details, dissect the rumors, and explore what led to this significant development in their marriage.

Dean McDermott Breaks Silence On His Divorce

The 57-year-old Canadian celebrity recently said that he’s doing “good” despite the divorce headlines. “It’s been a long time coming but T and I are good,” he stated.

In her recently-released podcast, misSPELLING, Tori Spelling talked about the couple’s breakup, stating that she had been telling herself she wanted to divorce McDermott for “like… 15 years.”

Spelling stated, “We always say, ‘Hey, it made it 18 years. It shouldn’t have made it 18 years. And I think he would say the same thing if he and I had a real heart-to-heart. It would have been over a lot sooner.”

Dean McDermott Breaks Silence On His Divorce
Dean McDermott Breaks Silence On His Divorce

In some documents, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alumni explained that their split has irreconcilable differences. With a June 17, 2023, formal date of separation listed, Spelling asked the court to grant her spousal support and remove McDermott’s entitlement.

Along with joint legal custody, with McDermott’s visiting rights to be decided later, she also requested sole physical custody of their five minor children, Liam Aaron McDermott, 17, Stella Doreen, 15, Hattie Margaret, 12, Finn Davey, 11, and Beau Dean, 7.

In a statement that was later removed, McDermott said that the pair had decided to part ways on the day Spelling named as their separation date.

He stated at the time, “It’s with great sadness and a very very heavy heart that @torispelling and I have decided to go our separate ways and start a new journey of our own after 18 years together and 5 amazing children.”

Spelling and McDermott met the year before while making the television film Mind Over Murder, and they were married on May 7, 2006, in a private ceremony in Fiji. The couple, who had reaffirmed their vows on May 8, 2010, went through a difficult period after McDermott came clean about having an affair in 2014, for which he later expressed “shame.”

Rumors regarding the connection between the ex-couple started to surface in November 2021 after McDermott was noticeably missing from an Instagram holiday card.

At the time, a source said that Spelling was still dealing with “serious trust issues” and that their relationship had never “fully recovered” following McDermott’s betrayal. Over time, the pair’s persistent sobriety issues seemed to be a serious issue for McDermott.

Even yet, intimate friends who had followed Spelling and McDermott’s highs and lows over the years were taken aback when the couple announced their separation in June.

McDermott spoke candidly about the breakdown of their 18-year marriage in November. He disclosed that the pair was no longer sharing a bed and that “anger and…yelling” defined their marriage.

He said, “It ended up with me drinking a fifth of tequila every night, seven days a week, and a handful of narcos [narcotics] by myself with, you know, a beautiful family in the other room. That’s what it led to and that’s what led to the brokenness. I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t live that life anymore.”

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