Who Is Nyyxxii? xQc Introduces New Girlfriend On Live stream

We talk about who Nyyxxii is in this article. Xqc’s Is A Canadian Twitch Streamer, Internet Personality, And Former Professional Overwatch Player. We Need to Know How They Fall in Love With Each Other and a Lot More.

Who Is Nyyxxii?

Nyyxxii, Xqc’s new girlfriend, is also an English Twitch streamer and content creator with over 327k followers. The last time she streamed something on the platform was eight days ago.

The 23-year-old is seen chatting with her followers in most of her streams.

Nyyxxii has about 17,000 people who follow her on YouTube. Nyykkii’s Instagram is full of beautiful pictures of her, and 108k people follow her there.

Nyyxxii is a social media creator who is on the rise. Dote Sports says that she has only been on the air for 205.75 hours this year.

According to Streams Charts, Nyyxxii has 887 active subscriptions right now, and her estimated income is between $785 and $2,319 per month.

She has 628 fans on Patreon.

XQc introduced his new girlfriend on livestream

You read that correctly. During a livestream on November 1, the popular British content creator and streamer Xqc introduced his new girlfriend. On Tuesday, he made their relationship official.

People say that he told them who his new girlfriend was just a few days after he denied rumours that he was back with his ex-girlfriend, Adept. During Xqc’s most recent livestream, he and his new girlfriend Nyyxxii kissed many times and were seen blushing around each other.

Xqc and his new girlfriend, Nyyxxii, seemed to have a lot of fun together. During the livestream, Nyyxxii even picked up Xqc more than once. Both of them seemed happy to be with each other.

xQc was previously linked to Adept

Xqc Announced His Break Up With Ex-girlfriend And Content Creator Adept On September 15, Saying: “i Had To Make A Choice, I Was Cornered Into Choosing Between Family And Sammy (Adept). And Unfortunately, What Happened Is That, I Cannot Just ‘choose’ Family, Cause That’s Just, I Don’t Know, Saying It Was My Fault.”

Adept was surprised by the breakup news, and she told her ex, “I don’t know why he feels the need to announce things.” “I asked him to give me a moment of privacy so that you guys wouldn’t do what you’re doing right now.”

After telling their fans for two years that they were just roommates, the streamer couple made their relationship official in 2021.

Many of their fans were sad when they broke up.

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