Who Is “Fleabag Star” Phoebe Waller-bridge Dating?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a British actress, writer, and producer. She made the hit show Fleabag and starred in it.

Since her divorce from Irish author and broadcaster Conor Woodman a few years ago, Waller-Bridge has been in a relationship.

We were checking to see if she had a boyfriend at the time.

Who Is Fleabag Star Phoebe Waller Bridge Dating?

Waller-Bridge, who won a Golden Globe for her role in Fleabag, has been linked to Oscar-winning British playwright and film director Martin McDonagh in recent years.

The couple keeps their relationship private, but Waller-Bridge said in an interview that she saw McDonagh’s play The Pillowman before they met and was very impressed. “The first play I saw convinced me that theatre could be a lot of fun,” she told The Guardian in 2018.

“Sometimes you need to see something like that—a piece of work that wakes you up, makes you say, “Yes, of course that can be done,” and lets your mind go 17 million other places. “That’s how I felt about his work.”

When asked by The Guardian if this is the happiest she has ever been in a relationship, she said, “I’m not going to talk about that either.” She had refused to talk about her marriage to Woodman before.

Six Shooter, a film directed by Martin McDonagh, won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2006. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, which came out in 2017, earned him two Oscar nominations, including one for best director.

Phoebe Waller-bridge And Martin Mcdonagh Are Still Going Strong

Their work could be risky. But neither of them takes risks when it comes to their personal lives. Waller praised McDonagh’s work in 2018, but she wouldn’t talk about her first marriage. She said, “I’m not going to talk about that either,” when asked if her relationship with McDonagh was her happiest.

But in September 2022, she and her boyfriend were seen at the premiere of his film in Venice, and they looked very happy.

In a recent interview with Amanda Sawyer of The Guardian, McDonagh said that the couple’s life was going well. “No comment, but thanks for asking, thumbs up on my love life,” he said. McDonagh told Sawyer that he is a vegetarian who loves animals and that he is good at “pasta, being on time, and… I’m not good at cleaning because… I’m Going To Say Pasta Again.” We’re curious what the famous couple discusses while eating homemade pasta primavera and drinking wine.

They seem very dedicated, but they are also very independent and often work on their own projects. The Daily Mail said that they even had to stay apart during the COVID-19 quarantine. It was said that McDonagh was in the United States, but Waller-Bridge stayed in London with her sister.

A source told the Sun (via the Daily Mail) in May 2020, “Martin and Phoebe have had trouble staying in touch.” It’s been difficult. Their jobs keep them busy, and different things pull them in different directions. Still, as far as we know, they are still together.

Even though they have kept their relationship out of the public eye, there has been no official news of a breakup.

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