Stranger Things Cast Natalia Dyer And Charlie Heaton’s Relationship Timeline: Everything You Need To Know!

who is nancy wheeler dating
who is nancy wheeler dating

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton met for the first time in 2015 on the set of the TV show Stranger Things.

As the characters Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton played on Stranger Things fell in love with each other in 1984 Hawkins, so did their real-life relationship.

Dyer and Heaton met when they were cast as Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers in the Netflix show. When the show started in July 2016, fans couldn’t help but notice how well they worked together.

Within a few months of the movie coming out, fans began to wonder if the two actors were actually dating in real life. In 2017, when they were seen together at the Los Angeles International Airport after going to the Golden Globes, there were even more rumors that they were dating.

When Dyer and Heaton first started dating, they tried to keep their relationship quiet. Heaton later talked about this in an interview with GQ.

He told reporters, “We didn’t really know what the relationship was.” “Anyway, being sneaky might not have been necessary.”

Since then, the two have become closer by going to red carpet premieres and posting sweet messages to each other on social media. Here is a full rundown of Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton’s relationship, from their first meeting on Stranger Things to their first post on Instagram.

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September 2015

September 2015

The first time Dyer and Heaton met was on the set of Stranger Things. In season 2, their characters were in a love triangle before they did anything about how they felt about each other.

January 9th, 2017

After working together for two years, the co-stars sparked romance rumors when they were seen together in public more than once. We found out later that year that Dyer and Heaton were going out.

December 2017

At the 2017 Fashion Awards in London, they walked the red carpet for the first time.

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Monday, January 13

Monday, January 13
Monday, January 13

Heaton posted a cute photo of Dyer holding a piece of cake to celebrate Dyer’s 23rd birthday. He wrote in the caption, “Happy 21st birthday! @nattyiceofficial I hope it’s a great one and I’m stoked to be working on this new series with you. I think it’s gonna be great. 🎂🎉🥂🙏🏻 P.S – Not feeling too well but I still wanna meet you at the piedmont park tonight x.”

Dyer later told PopSugar that the birthday wish and caption were a joke between her and her friends.

March 2018

In March of that year, the actress talked more about how she and Heaton worked together in an interview with Us. She said, “He’s great.” “It’s really fun. We have a lot of fun. Everyone in the cast does. We’re all very close, so both on and off set, we always have a great time. Sometimes it’s hard not to laugh or play around. It’s been wonderful!”

2019 January

A source says that Dyer and Heaton had a good time together at the premiere of her movie Velvet Buzzsaw in Hollywood. The insider told Us at the time, “He seemed so proud to be on her arm for the night.” “They were so cute and loving on the red carpet. While she was taking pictures, he just stood there and stared at her.

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February of 2019

The actor from “The New Mutants” talked about how he and his girlfriend help each other both on and off set.

“You do get stressed out sometimes. So to go home with a coworker and say, “I think they hate me,” is a bad idea. “No, they don’t,” they’ll say. You and your partner can break down the walls. We’ve been through it together because we work in the same field and have had similar paths “During an interview with V Man, he thought about things.

The Englishman also said: “They may know something that nobody else does. You both go through stressful situations together, but you can talk about your fears or whatever they are.”

July 2019

Dyer talked about the good things about working with her boyfriend while promoting Season 3.

“It’s always a great time. We know each other really well, so we can play and feel more free, and we can talk about it ahead of time “Refinery29 asked the Tuscaloosa star about this. “There’s a feeling that you don’t know if you’ll ever work with this person again. Who can say? This could be the last time you get to play like this.”

13th of January, 2020

Heaton posted a picture of him and Dyer hugging to mark Dyer’s 25th birthday. He added a single birthday cake emoji as a caption to the post.

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February of 2020

In a rare interview about his relationship, the star of “Shut In” talked about why he hadn’t talked about it for so long. He told GQ, “We didn’t really know what the relationship was.”

May 2022

May 2022
May 2022

“People’s thoughts and reactions about our relationship are the strangest things about it. The rest just seems very human. It would be hard to find someone else with the same understanding. It’s hard to put into words, “Dyer told the UK magazine Cosmopolitan. “I always wonder why it keeps coming up. People want to know about it because…”

The public’s interest in the After Darkness actress’s dating life has confused her over the years. She continued, saying that she understood the “natural inclination to want to know more about the people who are on your screens for hours,” adding, “Now that I’ve experienced the other side of it, it sounds so cliché but I’m just a person, too.”

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