Who Is Megan Thee Stallion Dating? All About Past Relationship & Current Relationship!

who is megan thee stallion dating
who is megan thee stallion dating

“You may be a hot girl with a boo,” Megan Thee Stallion once said. The Glamour Woman of the Year for 2021 is blissfully dating Pardison Fontaine. Jordan Kyle Lanier Thorpe, better known by his stage name Fontaine, is a rapper and producer who co-wrote the hit song “Backin’ It Up” with Cardi B.

Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine Dating TimeLine


April 2020

Pardi and Megan enjoy a productive working relationship before their romance starts. Megan Thee Stallion will release a remix of her popular song “Savage” on April 29, 2020, featuring Beyoncé. The song’s songwriter credit for Pardi is Jorden Thorpe.

August 2020

The partnership between Pardi and Megan is still going strong with his writing credit on “WAP,” which is made available on August 7, 2020.megan thee stallion dating


 February 2021

Megan Thee Stallion revealed to her followers on February 19 during an Instagram Live that she is dating Pardison Fontaine. According to Elle, Megan states, “I didn’t like what they were trying to say about Pardi.” Because he is so collected, kind, and protective. I adore him, and he’s my boo.

Megan says, “I never said hot girls can’t have boyfriends. He is my boyfriend, yes.

Additionally, the two have a lavish Valentine’s celebration together. The dinner menu, Pardi With a Hottie, and a private plane are gifts that Pardi gives to his lover.

March 2021

Pardi posts a sweet domestic moment of Megan relaxing at home on his Instagram account, proving that life doesn’t always have to be about private jets and roses. not even in her bonnet! He captions the picture, “SOMETHING ABOUT HER IN THAT BONNET BE SENDING ME.” “THEEPARDIGIRL.”

In March 2021, Pardi doesn’t go to the Grammys with Megan, but he offers his support virtually. Before the ceremony begins, he posts an Instagram Story to express his pride in her four nominations. Elle quotes him as saying, “The girl can’t be stopped. For her “Savage” remix, Megan wins best rap performance, best rap song, and best new artist.

May 2021

The pair walks the red carpet for the first time on May 27 at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

June 2021

Meg’s track “Thot Shit,” which was released on June 11, shows that the couple can have fun with one another. Pardi’s voice can be heard in a voice mail throughout the song’s opening line, Megan confirms on Twitter.

On June 27, the two also go together to the BET Awards. Megan performs “Thot Shit” and gets the award for the best female hip-hop artist.

megan thee stallion dating update

Megan gushes about her love for Pardi and her love for herself during a June 25 appearance on Houston radio program 97.9 The Box: “First of all, he does make me happy, but my happiness comes from myself because I’m a happy girl. But as I mentioned in the previous interview, I’m currently surrounded by positive energy. Everyone in my life definitely makes me feel happy and gives me motivation. Every time I find out what I want to convey in a beat, it always makes me happy because I love where I’m at with my career, writing, and music. And yes, Pardi makes me happy as well.

October 2021

On the October 11 edition of Taraji P. Henson’s Facebook Watch series, Serenity of Mind With Taraji, the “Hot Girl” rapper is a guest and discusses how her relationship helps her find peace. She admits on the show, “My lover does make me very happy. He undoubtedly looks after my emotional needs. My mind enjoys being around him. He brings joy to my heart.

A recap of the couple’s one-year anniversary event, which featured a private chef and matching pajamas, is posted by Fontaine on October 20.

Nov. 20, 2021

For the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards, Fontaine goes with Megan. People in the room can see how encouraging and loving Fontaine is to Megan as she gives her moving statement. She addresses the audience, saying, “I receive a lot of recognition as Megan Thee Stallion, but tonight I choose to accept this award as Megan Pete, a soon-to-be college graduate from Houston, a woman who has built a successful career in a male-dominated industry and musical genre, who has earned the respect of people who couldn’t look beyond my public persona.” “I’ve made mistakes by mistakenly putting my trust in the wrong people at the wrong times, which put me in dangerous situations where I was exposed to danger and exploited. But I’ve gained knowledge from each of those experiences, and as a result, I’ve grown to be a stronger woman. At the end of the day, what counts most is that I persisted.


March 2022

On March 3, Fontaine publishes what essentially amounts to a Megan fan cam. The Instagram Reel highlights all of her achievements, including her Grammy nominations, Texas Southern University graduation, and Glamour Women of the Year Award.


Moneybagg Yo and Megan Thee Stallion are they dating?

Moneybagg Yo acknowledged he was dating Meg in an interview with Rap Life’s Ebro Darden from January 2020, but also discussed their breakup.

Megan Thee Stallion is single, right?

On February 19, 2021, Megan Thee Stallion confirmed her romance with rapper Pardison Fontaine via Instagram Live.

Meg and Pardison remain a couple.

Megan Thee Stallion confirms her relationship with Pardison Fontaine on February 19, 2021. The “Hot Girl Summer” artist revealed during an Instagram Live session in February 2021 that she was dating Fontaine.

By 2022, how much will Megan the stallion be worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Megan Thee Stallion’s net worth has increased dramatically during 2020, when it was estimated to be worth $3 million, to an astounding $8 million in 2022.

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