Who Is Lizzo Dating In 2022: Fan Rumored Lizzo Is Dating Comedian Myke Wright!

who is lizzo dating
who is lizzo dating

Lizzo may be a personality queen of self-love, but she also has room in her heart for a lover! The diva can now add a healthy relationship to her current list of wins, which includes releasing her new album Special on July 15, hosting and acting as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and establishing her size-inclusive shapewear company, Kitty.

Typically, the pop singer has kept a low profile when it comes to her love life, and she’s continued to do so with her most recent partner. But here’s all we know about Lizzo’s new lover, including all the rumors about who he is.

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Who Is Lizzo?

Lizzo is an American rapper, musician, songwriter, and presenter who was born Melissa Viviane Jefferson. Lizzo, who was born in Detroit, Michigan, and reared in Texas, began rapping when she was a teenager. She created the ‘Cornrow Clique,’ a rap group when she was 14 years old. For the next few years, she collaborated with a number of indie artists and founded ‘The Chalice,’ an all-female music trio. ‘We Are the Chalice,’ the group’s debut album, was released in 2012.

Locally, the indie New album was a sleeper hit. The record label ‘Totally Gross National Product’ eventually signed Lizzo. ‘Lizzobangers,’ her first solo album, was published in 2013. The album was well-received both critically and commercially.

‘Atlantic Records’ signed her after the publication of her second album, ‘Big Grrrl Small World,’ in 2015. ‘Cuz I Love You,’ her third studio album, was released with ‘Atlantic.’ She was a founding member of various hip-hop groups throughout her career, including ‘Grrrl Party,’ ‘The Chalice,’ ‘The Club,’ and ‘Absynthe.’

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Who Is Lizzo Dating?

Fans believe Lizzo’s mysterious lover is comedian Myke Wright, who she confessed she’s been dating for a time.

“No, not at all if you have the correct individual. “Fame isn’t even a consideration,” the “Good As Hell” singer stated on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy on April 18, confirming her relationship status but without naming her beau to presenter Andy Cohen. “Whatever that individual does, it should be mutually supportive.”

“Are you now in love?” a Variety interviewer questioned her in February 2022. “Oooh,” she answered. We must depart! “I’ll just speak a little bit,” I’ll say. After an April 2022 sighting of her and this “mystery man” (all the details below), she acknowledged to Andy Cohen that she is dating someone.

He asked her outright, and she responded (startled but ecstatically) by saying, “That’s fine. Yea!” “If you have the correct person—no—not that’s even a factor,” she added, “and it should be highly compatible, no matter what that people do.”

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We first learned about it in 2021.

Lizzo posted on Instagram with the comment “single” shortly after The Sun published photos of her and an attractive guy hanging out in Malibu in March 2021, which I assume is her way of telling us its none of our business (which, fair!). The couple was photographed again by paparazzi in August and October 2021, and again in January 2022.

And again in February 2022, this time with the man wearing a ski mask (clever!!). In April, we even had some veiled hand-holding:

mystery man
mystery man

On April 11, 2022, in New York City, musician Lizzo is photographed outside the Today Show. Photo by Raymond hallgc

And much more in the month leading up to her birthday on April 27.

Fans Rumored they know who it is

Lizzo has chosen to keep the name of this lovely new gentleman a secret, which I think is sweet. Fans believe it’s Myke Wright, a comedian, and actress who previously co-starred with Lizzo on the MTV comedy Wonderland, according to Us Weekly.

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Who Is Myke?

Wright is well recognized for his stand-up comedy performances. He’s appeared on Comedy Central and Adam Devine’s House Party, among other things. In August 2020, he told VoyageLA, “There’s no finer feeling than smiling out across a sea of thousands of people and seeing them all smile back at you.”

Wright started working as a designer for EMLE, a Detroit-based premium clothing firm, after graduating from art school. He also created ümi, a design and innovation firm dedicated to “enhancing the quality of human life via products and experiences.”

Myke is also on Instagram and Twitter, YW, and he’s a designer who has a concept for the eyeglasses, remotes, and bottles of water of the future, despite the fact that he hasn’t confirmed who he might be be be dating (I understand it). Wow, as well:

Lizzo Early Life

Melissa Viviane Jefferson was born in Michigan, in the city of Detroit. When she was 10, she moved to Houston, Texas, with her family. Claudia Momen, a famous music teacher, taught her to play the flute from the time she was 10 until she students graduate from Alief Elsik High School in Alief, Houston, where she also learned to rap.

At age 14, she and her friends started a band called Cornrow Clique. At this time, she got the nickname “Lizzo,” which comes from Jay-song Z’s “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” and is a variation of “Lissa.”

After she graduated from Alief Elsik High School in 2006, she went to the University of Houston to study classical music and the flute. After her father died when she was 21, she lived in her car for a year while trying to break into the music business. In 2011, she moved to Minneapolis, MN.

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