Who is Lil Uzi Vert Dating?

Who is Lil Uzi Vert Dating?
Who is Lil Uzi Vert Dating?

After the XO Tour Llif3 rapper posted and then deleted the news that she had broken up with him, fans of the City Girls believed the two had called it quits.

Because of this dumbass stuff, JT dumped me. FML, I don’t even do anything, he tweeted on April 5 at the crack of dawn.

As expected, the famous rapper took to Twitter again yesterday to vent his thoughts about his recent breakup: I’m wondering if you’d even miss me if I didn’t exist because I’m so lonely.

JT and Lil Uzi Vert dating? What’s their dating history?

It has been speculated that JT of the rap duo City Girls and Lil Uzi Vert are dating since late 2019, but neither artist has commented on the speculation.

The two hip-hop artists have dropped numerous hints about their relationship on social media, including tweets and song lyrics.

The duo may have taken their relationship to a new level of seriousness, though. Uzi, who is only 26 years old, recently tweeted about the ‘Act Up’ rapstress, saying, “JT is the one,” and adding a bat emoji.

Uzi stepped up to the plate when 28-year-old JT posted that she was craving crab legs. She replied through Twitter, “They wrapped them up, thank you,” after he wrote, “They’re on their way.”


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A few of days ago, they each posted and then deleted tweets that appeared to be about each other. While Uzi claimed to have “converted a hoe to a housewife,” JT said that she had “played a trick on my hubby.”

JT shared a number of selfies in the mirror on social media, one of which appeared to display a large diamond ring on her finger, sparking romance suspicions.

Some of Uzi’s fans were able to identify the ring as a custom-made 2019 piece by Elliot Eliantte that the rapper had commissioned. Uzi paid Eliantte $24 million to implant a pink diamond in his forehead.

Why Did They Break Up?

Uzi allegedly tried to take his social media shot with Distortedd before he started dating JT in 2015. Saying to the Philadelphia musician, “If you were meth, I’d do it all day,” he then proceeded to do just that.

Before deleting the tweet on Monday, Distorted had reposted one from Uzi (April 4). All it took to anger the City Girl and cause her to break up with her boyfriend was the resurrection of an old tweet.

JT said that Uzi had lied to her about the authenticity of the Distortedd tweet. She wrote, “If 2012, he said it was fake rather than ancient.”

And since he apparently wants to post anything online about it, here it is!!! Uzi took to social media to air his grievances about the impending breakup, stating, “I don’t get why y’all always trying f**k the lil life I have going on up… damn what I do.”

They have caused breakup rumors before, so this is not the first time. According to their mutual unfollowing on all social media platforms in August of 2021, the couple broke up. Then it was claimed that the breakup occurred because of Uzi’s treatment of her bandmate in City Girls, Caresha.

He made amends in December by renting out Nickelodeon Studios Park for her 29th birthday and surprising her with a McLaren as a gift.


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Is Lil Uzi and JT still Dating?

In a small percentage of cases, persons reported still being friends while no longer following each other. Some of the others have said they will be back soon. Evident from the remarks made, their fans are pining for a return to happier times. It’s a really expressive situation online.

They both haven’t come out and said they’re over each other yet, which is disappointing. Both parties have been known to delete images and unfollow one another after a breakup, but might this be an indication of something more serious this time around? This is a grey area. We have to rely on hearsay and cross our fingers for a solid announcement or positive indicator.

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