Jeon Jong Seo Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating? Know More About Her Boyfriend!

who is jeon jong-seo dating
who is jeon jong-seo dating

Jeon Jong seo, commonly known as Rachel Jun, is a South Korean actress who was born on July 5, 1994. She is well-known for playing Hae-mi in the highly regarded South Korean thriller Burning last year. Her portrayal in the suspenseful film The Call earned her the title of Best Actress at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards (2020).

The eldest child of the family, Jeon Jong-Seo was born in Seoul. When Jeon was a young girl, her family relocated to Canada. She went to middle school in Canada before going back to Korea to complete Anyang Arts High School. [7] She majored in film at Sejong University after graduating from high school. Later, she dropped out of school to more freely pursue her acting profession.

In this Article you know about her Boyfriend, who is she Dating? and More

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Jeon Jong Seo Confirmed She Is Dating “The Call”Director Lee Choong Hyun

After confirming her relationship with “The Call” director Lee Choong Hyun, actress Jeong Jong Seo is succeeding in both love and her work.

She is dating the young screenwriter who is also her director in the 2020 horror movie, according to the actress’ label, My Company, which clarified the situation in December 2021.

According to Jeong Jong Seo’s agency, “the two of them had happy feelings for one other and recently began a love connection,” as reported by News 1 Korea.

Additionally, the director Lee Choong Hyun acknowledged dating Jeong Jong Seo.

He also confirmed his connection with the actress in an exclusive interview with JTBC news.

The aspiring director shared the same opinion and claimed that he and the celebrated actress “got naturally attracted to each other while filming ‘The Call,'” in which Park Shin Hye and Jeong Jong Seo co-star as the antagonistic female lead.

Lee Choong Hyun added that their friendship “naturally developed to dating” once they became friends.

He claimed that their coworkers and friends were aware of their relationship, which is why they kept it secret for so long.

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Who Is Lee Choong Hyun?

Lee Choong Hyun made his debut as the chief director of several full-length commercial films in addition to being the director and screenwriter of “The Call.”

It’s interesting how he ended up making movies. His debut was the 2015 short film “Bargain,” which tells the tale of a middle-aged man who became enamored with a high school girl and haggled with them about the price of their “added service.”

The award-winning movie “The Call,” which he also wrote the screenplay for, came after that.

The same year, Lee Choong Hyun and Lee Sung Kyung collaborated on the love story short film “Heart Attack.”

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Is Jeong Jong Seo still dating Lee Choong Hyun, the director?

As there have been no reports or speculations of a breakup in the months since the couple announced their romance, Jeong Jong Seo and Lee Choong Hyun are still together.

In reality, the actress and the director will collaborate once more on the upcoming film “Ballerina.”

Netflix said that the 27-year-old actress will be the lead, along with Kim Ji Hoon, who will play Choi Pro, and Park Yoo Rim, who will play Min Hee.

Jeong Jong Seo will play Ok Joo in the upcoming movie, a woman driven by vengeance who exacts revenge for her best friend’s terrible passing.

The newest film from Jeong Jong Seo will be aired sometime in 2023. She is a member of the cast of “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,” though.

She will take on the part of brave Tokyo in the Korean translation, which was originally played by Spanish actress Ursula Cabrero.

The 12 episodes of “Money Heist” Korea are set to premiere on June 24.

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