Who Is Chelsea From Selling Sunset’s Husband Jeff Lazkani?

Chelsea Lazkani immediately stole the show when she debuted in season 5 of Sunset. She instantly demonstrated to The Oppenheim Group that, despite her introduction as Christine Quinn’s friend, she is a serious realtor who can deliver. And like Christine, the mother of two has a prosperous husband, Jeff Lazkani, who encourages her throughout her brokerage career. He was also a former customer of Jason Oppenheim, the CEO of The O Group. Here is all the information you need to know about Chelsea’s hubby.

Who is Jeff Lazkani dating: Who is Jeff Lazkani Wife now?

Jeff Lazkani is a married man With Chelsea Lazkani.

Definitely, without a question! Their web presence says that the secret to their happiness is to always talk through problems and enjoy spending time together, no matter what the circumstances. Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani have been married for over a decade.

Through the real estate agent’s Instagram account, it is clear that the couple is continuing to improve their bond with each passing day by going on romantic dates and taking fantastic family vacations. Because it fills their lives with warmth and devotion, they appear to love the process, which in turn causes the overall quality of their lives to improve by a factor of several.

As a matter of fact, Chelsea and her business mogul husband Jeff are doing better than ever, with Chelsea even acknowledging that Jeff is one of the primary reasons she was able to break into the Netflix spotlight in the first place.

People Magazine published an interview with her in March 2022 in which she stated, “I believe that having the support of my husband and family has fundamentally prepared me to take on this major responsibility and this significant opportunity.” And as if that weren’t enough, she constantly refers to Jeff as “my,” “my universe,” “the man who I adore with all of my heart,” “all-time favorite,” and “Habibi” in her adorable Instagram captions, among other things, to emphasize their unbreakable link.

About Jeff Lazkani Wife: Chelsea Lazkani

Chelsea Lazkani is a British-Nigerian woman who is married, has a child, and works as a luxury realtor. Lazkani is reviving an industry that isn’t normally dominated by black women as a real estate agents in one of the world’s most competitive marketplaces. Her parents, both outstanding in their fields, have inspired her.

Chelsea Lazkani and her husband Jeff Lazkani have been married since 2017 and have two children, Maddox and Melia.

Jeff is a managing partner at Icon Media Direct, advertising, and marketing firm, and he was the one who connected Chelsea to Jason Oppenheim when she first began her real estate career.

Chelsea took a break from the field to raise her children before returning to the industry last year.

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