Who Is Future Disses Dating Now? Future Disses Ex-girlfriend & Her New Boyfriend!

furure Dating
furure Dating

Future is making some overt jabs at Lori Harvey, his ex-girlfriend.

On his most recent song, “Maybach,” the 37-year-old rapper collaborated with 42 Dugg to bash the 24-year-old model and Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter.

In case you weren’t aware, Future and Lori dated for a while in 2020 before calling it quits in August.

Future rapped, “Tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her. I’ve never seen a bitch leave, one thing.

Since their breakup, Lori has been seeing Michael B. Jordan, while Future is now dating rapper Dess Dior.

On Friday (May 28), 42 Dugg released a clip from the first version of “Maybach,” in which Future further criticized Lori and Michael.

Future rapped, “Must’ve forgotten to tell her dad she begged me not to leave.” Put baguettes on your ankles, almost to your knees, because she had no choice but to chase after me.


What was spoken to Michael B. Jordan by Future?

Future also had harsh words for Jordan at the moment. Put baguettes on your ankles damn near up to your knees, she didn’t have a choice but to go f**k a lame after me, he rapped. “Must have neglected to tell her daddy she begged me not to leave/Put baguettes on your ankles damn near up to your knees,” he said.

Future and Lori are they dating?

Future and Lori Harvey split up in August of 2020. Additionally, the actor who plays Black Panther and the model confirmed their relationship on their respective social media platforms in November 2020. Tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her, Future rapped in a stanza from one of his songs to bash Lori.

How long did Lori Harvey and Diddy date?

But in 2019, the romance ended after three months because, according to a source, Diddy wasn’t interested in committing to anything long-term.

Cassie and Diddy dated for how long?

Diddy finally addressed his 2018 breakup with his longtime lover, saying, “You got a new agenda.” Cassie appears in a new song following her marriage and childbirth with the rapper’s hired trainer.

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