Meet RHONJ Dolores Catania’s New Boyfriend ‘Paul Connell’: Everything You Need To Know About Paul Connell

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Dolores Catania is an American television personality, philanthropist, and businesswoman. She was born on December 28, 1970. Since 2016’s seventh season, she has been a main cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, for which she is best known. Paterson, New Jersey, United States.  In this article, know about everything who Dolores Catania is dating?

Dolores Catania’ Is Dating New Boyfriend Paul Connell?

Dolores revealed Paul Connell as her boyfriend during her most recent interview with Page Six. While speaking with the media source about the season 12 reunion, she offered her Irish boyfriend to join her.

“I love everything about Paulie,” the 51-year-old commented on her partner. I appreciate how he reminds me of a person from my childhood. And he treats me so well.”

“With him, I feel quite safe.” Catania continued, referring to Connell, who wore a fitting white T-shirt and flaunted his muscles during his unannounced presence. “As you can see, I’m rather taken with him… and I adore his accent.”

Who Is Paul Connell?

Paul Connell born between 1968 and 1972; age: 49 to 53 is an Irish businessman, electrician, celebrity partner, media personality, and social media star. He is well-known in the country as the boyfriend of Dolores Catania, a well-known actress, and RHONJ star.

Dolores reportedly made a post on her Instagram Profile on Valentine’s Day announcing that she has been dating Connell for a few months. Let me tell you that Paul works as an entrepreneur and an electrician. He has reportedly been the CEO of Eco Electric Services LLC since June 2010 and works in New York.

On RHONJ, Paul encourages Dolores to see things from a different angle

“He’s a voice of reason, he’s very reasonable, he makes a lot of sense,” Catania told the news organization. He injects a great deal of wit into it. He’s incredibly witty and intelligent.”

“He offers me a different perspective on the Programme and he doesn’t agree with me on everything,” the benefactor continued. So it’s nice to have that calming energy around. I also like having someone at my side who has my back.”

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