Who Is Vin Diesel Wife Paloma Jimenez? Here’s To Know About Vin Diesel’s Longtime Partner Paloma Jimenez

vin diesel wife
vin diesel wife

Paloma Jimenez is a well-known Mexican American fashion model, actress, entrepreneur, and television personality who is best known as Vin Diesel’s wife. She rose to prominence after appearing on the covers of several fashion magazines.

Who Is Paloma Jimenez?

She is well-known for her decade-long relationship with ‘Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel. She is also well known for appearing on the cover of the Mexican edition of Maxim, as well as for promoting various foreign brands such as Coca-Cola, Honda, and Pantene.

She was born in the Mexican city of Guerrero, in Acapulco. She grew up in Mexico but later moved to the United States of America. She was not given any information about her parents or siblings. She was born under the sign of Leo. She is of Mexican origin and accepts Latino ethnicity. Paloma speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

She is a Roman Catholic by faith. She still fantasized about being a famous model. But along the way, she encountered many ups and downs. She began her career in her native Mexico. Before moving to the United States, Mexican beauty was a popular model in Mexico’s fashion industry. She has appeared in advertisements and promotions for some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Coca-Cola, Pantene, and Honda.

Who Is Vin Diesel Wife Paloma Jimenez?

Although Paloma Jimenez is best known as Vin Diesel‘s wife, she wasn’t always a stay-at-home mom. Jimenez was raised in Acapulco, Mexico, where he was born. She moved here to pursue a modeling career. But before her big move, the 5’10” beauty had already established herself in Mexico.

She had already appeared in publications and advertisements for well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Pantene, and Honda. She also dabbled in acting, appearing in a season of the Mexican comedy series Otro Rollo con: Adal Ramones.

Around the turn of the millennium, Two Management in Los Angeles signed Jimenez. She participated in numerous runway performances at that time. She may have attracted the Bloodshot star’s attention on one of those occasions. But it was said that the model was so preoccupied with her career at the time that it was difficult for the actor to get her attention.

Vin Diesel And Paloma Jimenez’s Children

They have three wonderful children. After a year of dating, the couple had their first child, daughter Hania Riley, in 2008. Fun fact: the actor was on set when he found out his daughter was due. The late Paul Walker persuaded him to leave for the birth of Hania Riley. The actor’s firstborn also appeared in Fast and Furious Spy Racers.

Vincent Riley, the couple’s second child, was born two years after Hania Riley. He is their only child. Vincent, unlike his elder sister, is unknown. Pauline, the youngest, was born in 2015. She was named after Paul Walker, who was not only her father’s co-star but also a close friend. When signing the register for his youngest child, Vin Diesel said he couldn’t get Walker out of his head. He also serves as the godfather to Walker’s daughter, Meadow Rain.

Vin Diesel and Paloma Jimenez Met

Even the circumstances surrounding their meeting are unknown to the general public. Some public details about the actor’s life, on the other hand, could be used to reconstruct the timeline of his early relationship with the Mexican model. Vin Diesel was linked to Fast & Furious co-star Michelle Rodriguez in 2001. But no one knows how long they dated or if they ever dated at all.

Diesel told Towleroad six years later that dating a celebrity is “a sucker’s bet.” In addition, the magazine stated, “As a result, Diesel prefers to date in Europe, where he is less easily recognized. He believes celebrity-on-celebrity hookups are insane. People going through your trash, photographing you at Starbucks, and combining your last names into a Bennifer-style punch line.”

According to rumors, Diesel met Jimenez in the early 2000s. They began dating officially around 2007 after the actor expressed his dislike for Hollywood romances. Since then, they’ve been inseparable. The model put her modeling career on hold to start a family with the actor.

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