Who Is Sophie Hermann From Celebs Go Dating: Is Sophie Hermann Still Dating Tom Zanetti?

Sophie Hermann Dating
Sophie Hermann Dating

Sophie Hermann has returned to Made in Chelsea and will soon introduce her new love on the show. Thanks to her breakout appearance on Celebs Go Dating earlier this year, this classy gal is more popular than ever.

But what has she been doing since then, and are she and Tom Zanetti even together?

Let’s take a look at her present romantic situation…

Are Tom and Sophie from Celebs Go Dating currently dating?

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Who Is Sophie Hermann?

Sophie Hermann is a well-known figure in the Hollywood film business and reality television shows. She is a model, actor, and fashion designer who is incredible. Aside from that, she is a well-known figure on social media. She also posts her amazing photographs on her social media accounts, and her Instagram account has thousands of followers.

Sophie Hermann is a multi-talented woman since she excelled in each of these fields. She’s been enthralling the world for a long time. Several major Sophie-related stories were also a hot topic of conversation.

Sophie Hermann is a German model who was born in Munich on January 30, 1987. St. Gallen, Switzerland, is her hometown. She is 34 years old and presently resides in London, England.

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Is Sophie Dating Someone On Celebs Go Dating?

As is customary on Celebs Go Dating, some of the celebs develop feelings for each other rather than the ordinary individuals they are intended to date.

Sophie Hermann of Made in Chelsea and DJ Tom Zanetti were the first to ‘break rules’ during the most latest episode. They turned down their other suitors in favor of spending the Celebs go Dating finale with each other. However, this isn’t always the case. Demi Sims and Megan Barton Hanson can attest to that.

However, this season appeared to be more upbeat, as Tom and Sophie began to co-star in Made in Chelsea, and the two appear to be very much in love.

Is Sophie Hermann & DJ Tom Zanetti Still Dating

Off-screen, however, rumors circulated yesterday that the couple had unfortunately split up, with The Sun reporting that the couple had split because of distance, with Tom living in Leeds and Sophie in London.

This was suggested when they stopped following each other on Instagram and then verified at the season finale when Sophie informed Fredrik Ferrier that both she and Tom were no longer dating.

In May, there were rumblings of a breakup when Sophie told Grazia that they had not even defined their partnership yet.

When we asked how living in the MIC houses affected their relationship, Sophie said, ‘I wouldn’t call it a connection anyway.’ ‘We never defined anything at all because we only had a limited amount of time to see each other.’ It was great to meet him again and spend some time with him.

I was fortunate in that I have my own living facilities, which I call the Hovel, whereas the others were obviously sharing, which I don’t like. It was lovely because we woke up every morning to this magnificent view, and it was rather romantic. It seemed like a mini-vacation, which was nice.’

Tom had a brief appearance early in the series and blended in well with the rest of the cast. Despite the fact that Sophie admitted to giving him a “small makeover.” ‘He’s not allowed to wear jeans that are three times too tight any longer because they cut off his blood circulation,’ Sophie said of Tom’s changes after moving in with the Chelsea cast. ‘I don’t want to make him change, but I despise his tight jeans.’

It comes after weeks of rumors that they started dating while filming the show in a £30 million estate in Surrey (which is still on the market, btw).

Tom Read Wilson of Celebs Go Dating has also stated that he assisted Tom in winning Sophie’s heart by urging him to write her a poem. ‘With that particular union, I feel a lot more responsibility.’

He told Entertainment Daily, “You know, I was always such a supporter of it.” ‘I figured as long as Sophie sees Tom’s incredibly artistic sophisticated side, she’ll completely fall in love with him.’ ‘And she succeeded.’

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Who Is Tom Zanetti?

Byron Thomas Courtney Tom Zanetti, who was born on 2 July 1989 and goes by his professional name, is a British DJ, songwriter, rapper, and vocalist. “Darlin'” (2015) and “You Want Me” (2016), which achieved silver and platinum BFI certifications respectively, are his best-known songs. The latter the two topped the charts in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Ireland.

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Sophie Hermann’s Dating History

Sophie Hermann’s relationship history includes various notable individuals. Since she began dating, she has been candid about her love life. Sophie has had romantic relationships with numerous well-known Hollywood celebrities. However, her romantic relationships with celebrities did not continue very long. Tom Zanetti, Jonny Hynes, Lewis Hamilton, and Fredric are among her exes.

But the most notable was the celebrity, Johnny Depp. There is evidence that they met at the Corinthia Hotel in London. They exchanged phone numbers and began to develop a relationship.

Even this time, Sophie’s romantic luck did not perform well. Her romance with Johnny Depp ended shortly thereafter. Sophie is currently unmarried, and according to her own words, she is prioritizing her job over romantic relationships.

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