Robert De Niro’s New Baby: Who Is His Current Girlfriend?

Who Is Robert De Niro Current Girlfriend
Who Is Robert De Niro Current Girlfriend

Robert De Niro has confirmed that he has welcomed a seventh child into his family.

The Oscar-winning actor, who is 79 years old, didn’t say who the mother of his kid is, but he was last linked to martial arts teacher Tiffany Chen.

They were seen holding hands in July 2022, and when she left Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California, in March of this year, she looked like she was pregnant.

It was said that they were dating for the first time in August 2021, but they met while making a movie together in 2015.

While Robert is busy with his new baby, CurrentOnline looks at the woman who has been said to be his girlfriend for a long time.

Who Is Robert De Niro Current Girlfriend?

In August of 2021, Robert and Tiffany were seen on holiday together in the South of France.

 Robert De Niro Current Girlfriend
Robert De Niro Current Girlfriend

The couple’s love was clear because they were seen holding hands while walking in the sun and kissing on a boat later.

They were also seen together in New York in June and at the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa on July 31. Those photos were later taken down from social media.

At the time, the actor from Raging Bull was in a bitter divorce fight with Grace Hightower, now his ex-wife.

In April 2022, a judge said that his 66-year-old ex-wife should get $1 million a year and that they should split the money from the sale of their $20 million home.

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Where Did They Meet?

 Robert De Niro Current Girlfriend
Robert De Niro Current Girlfriend

Tiffany and Robert may have met for the first time in 2015 when they worked on the movie The Intern together.

Anne Hathaway played a CEO who worked too much, and Robert worked as a senior intern at her business.

Tiffany plays a small part as a Tai Chi teacher who helps the character of Robert.

Who is Tiffany Chen?

Robert De Niro Current Girlfriend
Robert De Niro Current Girlfriend

Tiffany Chen is a tai chi teacher and a skilled martial artist.

She was born into a kung-fu family and is the daughter of tai chi Grandmaster William C.C. Chen, so she knows how to fight.

She once told Inside Kung-Fu magazine:I never practised tai chi with the intention of looking to fight. I learned the form, I learned some push hands and then I started competing in push hands. My plan has always been to learn how to be as great as my father.”

According to her website’s profile, she also started swimming and doing gymnastics when she was five years old.

Chen started figure skating when he was eight years old, and three years later, he won three gold medals at a regional tournament. People say that she took ballroom dancing classes to get better at what she did, but she quickly found that tai chi was the best way to improve her form.

How Does Tiffany Make Money?

Tiffany has spent years working as a martial arts teacher, just like her father, William Chen, did before her.

By the time she was 26, she had been named Competitor of the Year by the readers of Inside Kung-Fu magazine.

She told the publication: ‘I train as hard and as much as I possibly can. I always try to get to the gym no matter where I am, to keep my cardio and strength training in check.

Tiffany said her father was her “inspiration” and called him “an amazing role model and mentor.”

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