Who Is Post Malone Girfriend: Post Malone Expecting First Child With Girlfriend!

post malone girfriend

Who Is Post Malone?

Austin Richard Post, also known as Post Malone, is an American rapper, musician, and lyricist. He was born on July 4, 1995. Malone is well-known for his many different vocal styles and for blending pop, R&B, hip hop, and trap styles and subgenres. A rap name generator took his real name and turned it into his stage name.

Malone started making music in 2013. His first single, “White Iverson,” which came out in 2015 and hit number 14 on the US Billboard Charts 100, brought him a lot of attention. Malone signed a record deal contract with Republic Recordkeeping and released his first studio album, Stoney, in 2016. It included the diamond single “Congratulations” and set a record for the most weeks on the US Signboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.



Even though Post Malone’s girlfriend, who is now his fiancee, lives her life away from the public eye, fans have found out who she is.

In June 2022, the singer of “Sunflower” stated on Howard Stern’s radio show that he has a “baby girl” and is engaged to the mother of his child.

Who does Post Malone go out with?

Post Malone, who is 27, is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, who he has kept out of the public eye. He only confirmed that he was in a relationship when he revealed she was pregnant.

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The performer, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, told TMZ in May 2022 that he and his girlfriend are expecting their first child. This was after he allegedly told his family in Southern California.

The 26-year-old said, “I’m excited for this next part of my life. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I’ve always been sad.”

“It’s time to take care of my body, my family, and my friends and to spread as much love as we can every day.”

Jamie is Post Malone’s fiancee, but little is known about her.

Post has been seen with an unknown woman several times since October 2020. Fans of the singer may share pictures of her often, but the singer has never said who she is.

In January 2021, Post Malone and Jamie were seen out and about. Jamie and Post went to his cousin’s wedding in August 2021, and she took a picture with him and his family at a Magic: The Gathering card event in Phoenix in October of the same year.

Fans also say that Jamie has shut down her social media accounts, probably to avoid people looking at her while she is believed to be pregnant.

In June 2022, Post Malone and his fiancee had a girl.

Post surprised his fans when he told them he would be a dad a month after he told them the baby was coming. In his chat with Stern, he said that he kissed his “baby girl” goodbye before going to the studio. He said, “That’s my daughter,” when asked if he was talking about his daughter or his girlfriend.

“I want to let her make her own decisions,” he said, explaining that he wanted to keep her secret.

In February 2023, Post Malone and Jamie were seen together in Australia.

Photos outside Sydney’s Accor Stadium gave fans a rare look at the new parents.

The singer waved to the fans who were there to see him perform before Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The venue was packed with people.

Post Malone and MLMA have been tied in the past.

Before he started dating Jamie, Post Malone was linked to Korean singer and visual artist MLMA in 2020.


The singer, whose stage name is “Me Love Me Alot,” shared several Instagrams and TikToks of herself with Post throughout 2020, if they were dating, it doesn’t look like it lasted.

In 2018, Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz split up.

Post’s romance with Ashlen Diaz, which lasted three years before they broke up, was the one that got the most attention.

The couple never said why they broke up, but Post had talked about how his success stressed their relationship.

In 2016, he said on The Breakfast Club, “It’s hard to find a balance between giving my life to music and giving time to Ashlen.”

“It’s hard because you want to get into the studio and make the best music possible, but you’re often very busy.”

Post Malone Dating History:



In early 2020, Post Malone was originally linked to Korean singer and graphic artist MLMA.

After sharing a few TikToks with Post, MLMA – which refers to Me Love Me A Lot — fueled dating rumors.

The South Korean star, whose real name is Baeck Ye-jin, captioned a video, “He is very cute.”

Post Malone was seen playing on a banjo in the video. MLMA also uploaded another video of the two of them cuddling in the studio.

While the couple never officially announced their relationship, MLMA appeared to allude to the rumors when she posted more images of Posty in August 2020.

Kano Shimpo

kano shimpo

Post Malone allegedly dated model Kano Shimpo from August to November of this year.

Kano Shimpo is a famous model. However, little is known about their romance. The two did an excellent job of keeping it a secret.

Diaz, Ashlen

Diaz, Ashlen

In 2015, Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz began dating. During Post’s first appearance on The Breakfast Club, the couple made their relationship public. Post said the couple met at work and instantly fell in love.

The pair split up in 2018 after 3 years together; the cause for the split is still unknown. This was Malone’s oldest known relationship.


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