Park Min Young spills the beans on her rumoured relationship with Park Seo Joon.

Park Min Young has finally spoken out about her rumoured affair with Park Seo Joon. In the 2018 office drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, these two starred together. With the relationship rumours swirling about them, their acting talents proved to be effective.

So, what really is the truth? Park Min Young and Park Seon Joon are excellent artists who can believe everyone into thinking they are in love.

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Who Is Park Min Young?

Park Min-young is a South Korean actress who has been in hit TV dramas like ‘City Hunter’ and ‘Healer.’ In 2006, she began acting in the sitcom ‘Unstoppable High Kick,’ and in 2007’s ‘I Am Sam,’ she portrayed a dramatic part.

She hasn’t looked back since then, and she has worked harder to ensure her goals. ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ was a historical epic serial that swiftly became a national hit in 2010, and Park had become a household figure in South Korea, winning three wins at the KBS Drama Awards for her performance.

‘I Am Sam’ and ‘Healer’ are two additional programmes in which she has won honours for her acting. Sadly, her film career never took off at the rate she had hoped, and she only managed to make one film, ‘The Cat,’ during her entire career. She claims that her withdrawal from the big screen is due to a lack of interesting offers.

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Who Is Park Min Young Dating: Fan Rumors Dating With Park Seo Joon

Park Min Young has denied the allegations, as much as followers and the press want to assume they’re dating.

According to Insight, Park Min Young gave an interview on March 7 in which she spoke openly about former dating rumours, notably with Park Seo Joon. In the 2018 drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, the two starred as co-stars. They have been rumoured to be privately dating for the past four years as a result of the show’s success.

Park Min Young denied having a close connection with Park Seo Joon in the interview. The actress expressed her gratitude for the drama’s characters’ support but added that she and Park Seo Joon are merely colleagues in real life. As a result, Park Min Young hopes that erroneous rumours will be suppressed.

“I used to have secret relationships, but not with Park Seo Joon. We never went on dates overseas. If we were secretly dating, why would I post a photo of it online? She stated, “I wouldn’t have exhibited any traces.”

Park Min Young also expressed her frustration and anger at being mistakenly assumed to be dating Park Seo Joon based on similarities in places she visited or comparable fashion items.

She claims that the proof presented by the internet and the media are all fabricated, yet that person still believes it. She didn’t match Park Seo Joon’s shoes, headwear, or anything else on purpose. She feels frustrated by having to give a reason for a relationship that does not exist.

She also discussed her abroad trip, which was thought to be a secret rendezvous with Park Seo Joon. She claimed to have gone with her mother. Her mother even wanted to make her passport public in order to establish that her daughter’s travels were genuine.

Furthermore, the actress was anxious since the dating allegations had a negative impact and overshadowed the cast and crew of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’s efforts.

Park Min Young revealed at the conclusion of the conversation that she has never been in a relationship and has no plans to marry.

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Park Min Young Dating History

Ji Chang-wook (2015), Lee Min-Ho (2011 – 2012), and Kim Jae-Wook have all had relationships with Park Min-Young.

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