Miranda Lambert Boyfriend: With Whom She Is In Relationship Now?

Miranda Lambert Boyfriend
Miranda Lambert Boyfriend

Miranda Lambert Boyfriend: I have loved, been rejected, and loved again. Miranda Lambert married New York Police Department officer Brendan McLoughlin in February 2019, proving that she had found love multiple times throughout her life.

Is She In A Relationship With Brendan McLoughlin?

In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, I bring you some good news. “I met the love of my life,” she exclaimed. We have recently tied the knot. My happiness levels are through the roof right now. Your loyalty to me, Brendan Mcloughlin, is greatly appreciated. Me.”

Early in 2019, the country singer made the first public mention of her engagement in an Instagram post. After her breakup with musician Evan Felker in the summer of 2018, Lambert declared that she was “happily single.”

A month after their split, she told The Tennessean, “Love is a hard journey sometimes, and it’s been a roller coaster ride for me, but I’m definitely happy for all the ups and downs because I’ve had some really good songs come out of it.” In order to get to the excellent parts, “you have to take the bad pieces and put them on paper.”

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s relationship was the most publicized of her career. When the Voice coach was still married to Kaynette Gern, she started dating another country musician she’d met at CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets Concert in 2005. A brief break allowed Shelton to begin dating the blonde musician.

They had a May 2010 wedding that ended in divorce. In a joint statement to Us Weekly in July 2015, the couple confirmed their split.

Jeff Allen McManus

McManus, a former country singer, and Shelton, the “House That Built Me” singer, had been together for three years when they met in 2005. Later on, they went their separate ways. Seemingly, there was never much substance to that connection, to begin with.

“I would say that the Miranda I knew 12 years ago is a very different person now,” Jeff Allen McManus told Radar in April 2018. It’s natural that you’d feel differently about yourself now that you’re 34 instead of 18, but you should also be mindful of how much you’ve grown and changed in that time.

Anderson East

It was first reported in Us Magazine in December 2015 that the “Tin Man” singer was seeing the R&B star. At this point, it had been five months since Lambert and Shelton had split up. This pair finally split up in April of 2018; over two years after their initial split.

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Evan Felker

Vice author and Turnpike Troubadours frontman began dating in April of 2018, the same month she publicly revealed her separation from East. After opening for the author on her tour, Evan Felker’s band experienced this. Four more months passed before Lambert publicly announced that the pair had split up.

Blake Shelton

A few hours after the couple announced their split to Us in July 2015, the divorce was finalized. Lambert issued a not-very-cryptic note on the shifts she’d been experiencing a few months later.

This past year of my life has been one of loss and healing, of learning to be honest,” she wrote on Instagram back in 2016. Embracing one’s flaws and joys, finding peace in one’s alone.

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Brendan McLoughlin

Lambert’s new spouse, whom she proudly revealed to the world in February 2019, is eight years younger than she is. The New York native and his ex-partner, Kaihla Rettinger, welcomed a child in November 2018, making the Texas-born celebrity a stepmother for the first time.

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