Who Is Milo Manheim Dating: Rumors Is That Meg And Milo Are Dating Each Other!

Who Is Milo Manheim Dating
Who Is Milo Manheim Dating

On Friday, July 15, 2022 Disney+ will premiere ZOMBIES 3, and fans cannot wait to see their favorite onscreen couple, Zed and Addison, once more! J-14 met down with the performers of “Zeddison,” Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim, who discussed their growth since the release of the first ZOMBIES film, their forthcoming projects, and reports that they are dating!

Who Is Milo?

Actor Milo Manheim was born in the United States on March 6, 2001. He is well-known for playing Zed, the lead character, in the Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies (2018) and its sequel Zombies 2 (2020). On Dancing with the Stars season 27, he came in second place in 2018.

Manheim is a Californian who was born and grew up in Venice, Los Angeles. He is the son of Camryn Manheim and Jeffrey Brezovar, a former model. He is Jewish, and a secular Jewish community school hosted his bar mitzvah. Manheim performs music on the ukulele, guitar, drumming, piano, and other wind instruments.

Is Milo Manheim’s Friend Meg Donnelly?

No, Meg is not Milo’s girlfriend, despite the fervent fandom that supports them.

She is dating Noah Zulfikar, who she starred with in Zombies 2. About two years have passed since the couple started dating.

Meg posted a number of images and videos of her boyfriend, Noah, back in January 2022.

“Celebrating u today & always, there’s no life without you in it,” the caption of the photo that included the couple’s cuddly and cozy moments read. I cherish you, Shmeefus.

Both the actress and Noah have shared countless additional photos together.

Milo Manheim Dating: Rumors Meg and Milo Are Dating Each Other

Milo, 21, has generated rumors of a relationship with Peyton Elizabeth Lee, an actress. On season 2 of Peyton’s Disney+ series Doogie Kamealoha, M.D., the two will collaborate.

Also, the two stars will collaborate on the Disney+ film Prom Pact.

Recently, Milo and Peyton shared cuddly photos of themselves together on Instagram, and the 18-year-old actress even went to the Zombies 3 red carpet with him.

Yet as of this writing, neither Milo nor Peyton has commented on the rumors.

Recently, MEG and Milos addressed dating rumors.

Meg and Milo, who have been accompanying each other on the Zombies 3 press tour, addressed the speculation that they were dating.

img src: hitc.com

Milo responded, “I and Meg’s relationship has gotten a lot stronger, you know when J-14 questioned if they were dating. Of course, we got along right away, but Meg is now one of my closest friends.

Milo said that he understood why people felt that way about them and that they should be a real-life pair when questioned about fans shipping them together. “I mean, I get it, when I watch Zed and Addison, it’s a match made in heaven,” the actor stated.

I comprehend. We are flawless. This makes sense, he continued.

Who is Meg?

American actress Meg Elizabeth Donnelly was born on July 25, 2000. She portrays Addison in the 2018 Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies and its sequels, Zombies 2 (2020), and Zombies 3 in addition to Ash in the Netflix comedy show Team Toon, Taylor Otto in the Comedy series American Housewife, and Addison in the ABC comedy American Housewife (2022).

Donnelly was raised in Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey, after being born in New York City. She is the only child in the family. At Annie’s Playhouse School of Playing Arts in Far Hills, New Jersey, she started acting, singing, and dancing lessons when she was six years old. She has performed in multiple New York City performances of Kids of the Arts, Broadway Kids, and Time To Shine as a featured vocalist.

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1. Who is Milo Manheim’s crush?

Naomi Scott, the star of “Aladdin,” is Milo Manheim’s major crush.

2. Who is Milo Manheim’s best friend?

Following their respective castings as Addison and Zed in the Disney Channel Original Movie series ZOMBIES, Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim became best buddies.

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