Who Is Megan Barton Boyfriend: Everything You Know About Megan Barton Dating History & Family

megan batoon boyfriend
megan batoon boyfriend

Megan appears in Netflix’s World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals as a co-host. Reality Titbit provides all the information you need about her love life.

Megan travels the world with Luis D. Ortiz and Jo Franco, seeing stunning holiday rentals and sharing her professional design advice on Netflix.

Since the acclaimed film actor joined the series as a co-lead, fans have been curious about her love life and who her lover is.

Megan is an inspiration to others even when she is not visiting wonderful places to stay. If her Instagram feed is any indication, she leads a stylish existence.

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Who Is Megan barton?

Megan is a YouTuber and DIY designer from Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States.

The 30-year-old is best recognized for her acting talents, which include appearing in Step Up 4: Miami Heat in 2012 as a dancer.

She was also a writer for the 2013 film Date-A-Max and a performer in the 2018 films Lonely and Horny Maggie and Ladies of Rap.

Megan also has her own comic advice program, Just a Tip!, if you can’t get enough of Netflix star.

She has 1.14 million users on her YouTube channel, which features vlogs, house makeovers, chatty videos, and more.

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Megan barton Boyfriend?

Megan Batoon has a secret boyfriend with whom she is having an affair. In recent months, the Amazing Vacation Rentals star has mentioned her partner a few times but has never revealed his name. While some fans imagined she was dating her co-star, this was not the case.

Megan Batoon has neither verified nor refuted the allegations that she is dating her Fantastic Vacation Rentals co-star Luis D. Ortiz. So far, all we know is that she is in a relationship.

Megan addressed “boyfriend” in a tweet on April 7, 2021, writing, “My boyfriend just labelled emotional baggage a ‘briefcase,’ and it’s so clear to me why we work,” according to the 30-year-old American television personality. This tweet not only confirms that she has a boyfriend, but it also hints that he enjoys travelling as well.

Megan Batoon’s only friend currently is Luis Oritz, with whom she enjoys travelling. While there are other possibilities, the fact that she is travelling with Luis and Jo suggests she is dating her Amazing Vacations Rentals co-star, but we’ll have to wait to find out.

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Megan barton Dating History

Megan Batoon’s romantic history includes partnerships with Ian Eastwood (lasting from 2014 to 2016) and Andrew Siwicki.

Megan Batoon’s Family

The parents of Megan are Hyderick Batoon ( father)  and Michele DePompeo (mother). Reports say that her granddad, Nemeico Espiritu Batoon, was from the Philippines and fought in the Vietnam War.

In 1955, he joined the US Navy. After 20 years, he retired and moved to Atlantic Beach, Florida, where he worked as a chef at the Ramada Inn, Holiday Inn, and Mariott. Megan has two other siblings, Nicole and Armani, who both come from the same family tree.

Michele’s mother went to high school at Duncan U. Fletcher in Jacksonville, where Megan was born. Then she worked as a babysitter and also at Beach Bound Photography.

She seems to have been lucky to be born into a loving family that has always been there for her. But if what people say is true, her parents have split up and her mother has probably remarried. Her father is Megan’s biggest fan and actively follows her on social media.

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