Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Dating History: A Closer Look

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Dating
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Marjorie Taylor Greene is a controversial figure in American politics, known for her far-right views and support of conspiracy theories. However, little is known about her personal life, including her dating history. In this article, we take a closer look at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s dating history to see what we can learn about the politician’s romantic relationships over the years.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Dating History

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Bryan Glenn, the right-side broadcasting network’s director of programming and an on-air personality, have reportedly been having a hot-and-heavy relationship, according to a recent piece in The Daily Mail.

Beau and Belle both deny that their connection is romantic in any way.

img src: daily mail

Nevertheless, the Daily Mail described the two as “inseparable” in recent weeks while cataloging a number of close interactions between them.

The Daily Mail observed them socializing at events, restaurants, and the congresswoman’s home. Glenn was also seen getting into Greene’s car with a luggage of his.

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Source: Daily Mail

The Georgia Republican picked [Glenn] up from the Courtyard Marriott hotel in Rome Thursday morning and escorted him around the quaint Northwest Georgia town where she moved in 2019 to run in the 14th Congressional District. The two rendezvoused outside the hotel where Glenn, without saying a word, loaded his roll-on luggage into the legislator’s SUV and then climbed in. Greene drove away, taking the internet broadcaster for a spin down Broad Street, the main strip of the Floyd County town, before parking and grabbing lunch at Blossom Hill BBQ, a trendy New York-style restaurant. Afterward, the two drove back to Fourth Street where they got out and strolled around the town together for about an hour. She then whisked him back to her white brick house in the afternoon. The front desk of the Marriott said that they had no record of Glenn staying there.”

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