Obama Malia Is Not Pregnant With Rapper Boyfriend Future’s Baby; It’s Just A Joke

it's a joke
it's a joke

For the past week, the false rumor has been all over Twitter. Some users were stupid enough to believe it, but others couldn’t stop wondering where these ridiculous claims were coming from.

If we haven’t already made it clear, no, Malia Obama is not pregnant with Future’s baby in 2022, and the fact that so many people are falling for it shows that some internet users will believe anything these days.

Where the Rumors About Malia Obama And Her Future Began;

The false rumors about Malia and Future started when a funny Instagram account called Rapstreet TV shared a post with a collage of pictures of the two celebrities. The text said, “BREAKING: FUTURE and Malia Obama are expecting their first child together.”


The post, which was obviously a joke, was made on September 6.

The caption, which says “BREAKING: It’s being said that #Future and Malia Obama are going to have their first child together,” will make people laugh. Many people were surprised by this news because Malia and Future’s relationship had been kept secret until now.

“Sources don’t know how long Malia has been pregnant, but sources close to the rapper Future say that he’s been “smashing dah b***h” for a while now. Are you happy for Malia and Future or not?”

Fans React To The Rumor That Future Will Get Malia Pregnant

People who didn’t understand what Rapstreet TV’s post was really about were quick to believe the rumors and tweet the same thing. Some people were just confused. “What did Future do to get one of Obama’s daughters pregnant? “WTF, whose daughter?” asked a shocked user.

“Future got Obama’s daughter pregnant? Dawg” wrote someone else. Another user said, “If Future made Malia Obama pregnant, I’m pretty sure we’re all just playing a game.”

“Why do people think that Future is the one who got Obama’s daughter pregnant?” asked one user who was confused.


People who knew the Instagram post was a joke, on the other hand, had different things to say.

“I’ll never get over the fact that people really think Malia Obama and Future are having a baby together,” one Twitter user wrote.


President Obama’s Daughter Is Dating Dj Dawit Eklund

Dawit Eklund, a music artist, DJ, and producer who is 32 years old, is said to be dating Malia, who is 24. Pictures that Daily Mail got show the two of them out and about in New York City not long ago.

Dawit’s father, Jon Eklund, is 72 years old and used to work for the State Department. His mother, Yeshi, is 66 and is from Ethiopia. The musician helped start the record label 1432 R in Washington, D.C., which focuses on Ethiopian music.

On July 26, people first saw Malia and Dawit out and about. People say that at the time, they were picking up a takeout order.

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