Who Is Logan Lerman Dating? Who Is His Girlfreind?

Logan Lerman is an actor who is from the U.S. Logan Lerman is still stealing hearts, even though the Percy Jackson series has been over for years. The Actor Best Known For His Roles In Brad Pitt’s Films “The Butterfly Effect,” “The Number 23,” “The Three Musketeers,” “Indignation,” “Noah,” and “Fury.” Find out if he has a girlfriend or not.

Who Is Logan Lerman’s Girlfriend?

Logan Lerman is dating Analuisa Corrigan at the moment. No one knows when they started going out together. But an Instagram post from Corrigan wishing Lerman a happy birthday on January 19, 2020, gives an idea of how long they have been together.

Logan missed the chance to post about his girlfriend’s birthday in 2020.

It makes sense that he won’t be there in 2020, since he rarely posts on social media and keeps his private life hidden from the public. So, fans were surprised when, in December 2021, he finally returned the favour and sent his girlfriend a birthday message. The picture says:

“Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday. She truly makes every day better and brighter. I wake up every morning feeling like the luckiest guy in the world knowing I have this one in my life. This bday we learned how to ski. Here’s to many more adventures together.”

Who is Analuisa Corrigan?

Analuisa is a sculptor who lives and works in both New York and Los Angeles. The artist is especially good at making lamps out of ceramics. She went to Parsons School of Design and studied communications design until she reached a crossroads in her career.

She told Architectural Digest in January 2022, “Right away, I was like, ‘I hate this,’ I’m unhappy, and I want to make lamps.'” Once I decided I didn’t want to work all day on a computer screen, I turned to clay.

It was amazing to me that I would be making something with my hands that would serve a purpose. I thought it was both complicated and beautiful.

The artist said that she went to school for oil painting at first, then switched to graphic design because it was a more lucrative field, and so on until she found ceramics.

Ana told The Outlet, “I still feel so lucky to be able to do this for a living.” “It means a lot to me that someone would be willing to have something I made in their home, which is the most private place they have.”

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Who Has Logan Lerman Dated?

Only Alexandra Daddario, who played Annabeth in the Percy Jackson series and was also in the movie “Bullet Train,” has been his girlfriend before. Since they never confirmed their relationship in public, it’s not clear when they started dating. Fans of Percy Jackson were happy to hear that the two were engaged in December 2014. They broke up in August 2015, which was a shame.

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