Who Is “RHOM” Star Lisa Hochstein Boyfriend? Revealed Here!

lisa hochstein boyfriend

Lisa Hochstein: Lisa’s parents gave birth to her in Toronto, Canada. On Saturday, July 24, 1982, she was born. Lisa is 39 years old, according to her date of birth (as of 2021). Lisa Hochstein is a famous Canadian-American actress, model, fashion expert, activist, TV personality, social media influencer, businesswoman, and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada.

Lisa is well-known for her role on the popular reality television show The Real Housewives of Miami. Lisa joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Miami in 2012. Lisa has also started her own brands of clothing and skin care. She is also a model who has been on many magazine covers.

Who Is “RHOM” Star Lisa Hochstein Boyfriend?

Lisa Hochstein began the new year by fueling rumours that she was dating tech entrepreneur Jody Glidden, and Real Housewives of Miami fans are ready for the “upgrade.” Lisa and Lenny Hochstein have been going through a messy divorce since Lenny filed to end their 12-year marriage and moved on with his new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa.

Lisa and Lenny have been fighting over money and where they will live. Lenny, on the other hand, has been having a good time with his new leading lady. But Lenny wasn’t the only one to get better after his divorce.

Lisa has been seen going on dates with Jodi, a tech entrepreneur in Miami. Real Housewives Zone shared a picture of Lisa and Jody leaving the Versace mansion on New Year’s Eve. Lisa smiled and looked very happy as the paparazzi took pictures of her and her boyfriend.

Fans and even a housemate praised Lisa for moving on while she and Lenny were going through a messy breakup. Tamra Judge wrote, “Thank you for the congratulations.” One fan said, “He looks better than Lenny.” “Improve,” said another pair.

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“RHOM” Season 5 Follows Lisa’s Heartbreak Over Divorce

Many people were glad to see Lisa happy with someone else, even though she was already happy after being hurt during the filming of Rom: The Complete Fifth Season. The new season shows how surprised Lisa was when Leanne told her he wanted out of their marriage.

Lisa thought things were going well and that Lenny was losing weight to look good for her before he told her the truth. But Lynne tells her friend about Mike’s plans to leave Lisa for another woman when Mike gets angry. Before Lisa went on the Romantic Cast Trip, she made Lenny so upset that she wanted a divorce.

Cameras picked up Lisa went crazy when she found out that Lenny was trying to get his mother and their two kids out of the house so he could invite his girlfriend over. Lisa and Lenny’s divorce was in the news before the start of Season 5 of Rhom.

There were rumours about the fight that happened at a nightclub when Lisa met Lenny and Katharina at the Miami Hotspot Gala. In the weeks that followed, Lenny told them they were getting a divorce. He has wanted Lisa to move out of their big house on Star Island and into a smaller one with their two kids.

But in Rom Season 5, Lisa asks her co-stars for help, and they tell her not to leave the house. Lisa is also asking Lenny for alimony and money to care for their kids. Lisa says that Lenny is trying to stop giving her money. Lenny, on the other hand, believes Lisa overspends on herself. Rom explains how to get a divorce.

But since filming was over, Lisa has found someone new to love. Fans hope that Lisa and Jody will make their relationship official and say so. Lisa deserves to be happy, and Rom fans want her to find love again after a divorce that broke their hearts.

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