Does KSL Have A Girlfriend In 2022? All You Know About His Ex-girlfriend And Current Girlfriend!

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Express Sport examines whether or not KSI will have a companion there supporting him when he returns to boxing this Saturday.

KSI will create history this weekend when he enters the boxing ring for the first time since 2019. Following the withdrawal of fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi due to a concussion, the YouTuber will face rapper Swartz.

The Watford native is scheduled to fight professional boxer Luis Alcarez Pineda on the same night, so spectators will get two fights for the price of one. Express Sport will examine the singer’s relationship status and whether his significant other will be supporting him this weekend before the singer’s historic performance.

KSI is currently single, however, he was previously in a relationship that ended last year. Days after sharing a mysterious Instagram story claiming to be “alone and alone,” he publicly acknowledged that he and his partner had broken up in November of last year.

At the time, Ksi said, “I and my girlfriend are not together anymore.” “It just wasn’t meant to be. Nobody is at fault; things just didn’t work out. Then he added, “But it’s all right. It took place a while back. I made this decision while intoxicated, like a complete moron, so yeah.”

“I’m not sure. What is, is what is. I knew the internet would go crazy since it’s out there in the world. Although there was a lot of conjecture about his partner’s name, the star never revealed it. The musician Anne Marie, who appeared in a couple of the YouTuber’s songs, including “Farm Animals” and “Little Bit of Fun,” was the subject of many dating theories. My fiancée doesn’t mind me working with Anne Marie, so quit trying to force something, KSI said in a YouTube video at the time, putting the rumors to rest.

After Wassabi withdrew from the fight and attacked him at the press conference on Wednesday, KSI was left in shock. I am dedicated and tenacious, and I always succeed in achieving my goals. He didn’t want the smoke and he didn’t want a piece of me now that Alex Pussabi had pissed off out of the event.

“I’m challenging myself by competing against two boxers. I’ve put in a lot of effort, and I want to show everyone that I am a force to be reckoned with. People won’t want to call me out once they see what I’m capable of in the ring.

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