Are ‘bling Empire’ Stars Kevin Kreider And Devon Still Together? Everything You Need To Know!

One of the most recognizable faces on Netflix’s hit shows, Bling Empire, is a model and reality star who rose to prominence due to her appearances.

Kevin has been featured in Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines. Kevin Kreider was conceived in Seoul, South Korea, on August 21, 1983. Kevin Kreider will be 39 years old by 2022.

Kevin Kreider was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. In a TEDx Talk in 2018, he discussed the need to rethink traditional Asian masculinity. His adoptive parents took him in in Pennsylvania when he was three.

Who exactly is Kevin Kreider?

Kevin Kreider is a model and fitness trainer who has been in ads for Men’s Health, Gillette, and Los Angeles Fashion Week, among other places.

In the show, Kevin, born in Korea but raised by a white family in Philadelphia, wants to find his birth parents in Korea.

“I hope my birth parents see this,” he said. “Hopefully, someone in Korea will see this and reach out if they have any information.”

Kevin gave up modeling in 2014 because he had to deal with alopecia and lose his hair.

What Does Kevin Kreider Do?

According to his website, Kevin Kreider has modeled for Gillette, Peloton, and Men’s Health and Fitness. He works for Bling Empire (opens in a new tab). He’s appeared on Dating After College as well as The Ugly Model.

In episode 8, Kevin presented Don and Mimi with his non-alcoholic drinks company, “Sans,” against Kelly. Sans provided a non-alcoholic alternative. On the show, Kevin has discussed his journey to sobriety.

Millions of people watched his 2018 TED Talk, “Redefining Asian Masculinity.” He describes being bullied because he is Asian and slender. “I envision a future where Asian males can give completely, be vulnerable, share, love, and be loved.” “I envision a world where Asian men are as cool, sexy, and fun as other men.”

His video about being Asian helped him get into Bling Empire. Kevin told Bustle that after watching, Kelly contacted him and suggested they meet in Los Angeles.

Kevin and Devon’s friendship

Christine’s Cupid abilities appear to have worked. Devon was reintroduced into Kevin’s life during the third season of “Bling Empire,” seven years after the two had broken up.

Kevin and Devon reconnected in Los Angeles after their unexpected meeting in Paris and decided to give their relationship another chance. “We Deserve A Chance,” Devon said, while Kevin was in tears.

“I missed you,” Kevin admitted. “And now I don’t have to miss you anymore.” Throughout the third season, Kevin and Devon rekindled their relationship and appeared happily in love.

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Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep Dated Before The Start Of ‘Bling Empire.’

Though Kevin’s dating life has been discussed in every season of Bling Empire, Season 3 marked the first time the model was genuinely ready to commit to a long-term relationship.

Kevin did have feelings for Janice, the reiki healer Kim hired for a group session on the show, but he preferred that the two remain friends after their date.

Kevin began to open up about his ex, Devon, who he considered the one who got away as Season 3 progressed.

Kevin and Devon began dating in 2015 and ended their relationship the following year. Kevin told Christine on the show that he was newly sober and found it challenging to be in a relationship then.

“Devon was the only girl in my entire life with whom I was serious about marriage, moving in, and having kids,” Kevin confessed. “She’s the girl I was supposed to move to Los Angeles with.”
Kevin said that he decided to go alone because the two had broken up before they could move to the West Coast.

“Devon is the person who was meant for me, but when we split up, I wasn’t the one who was meant for her,” he explained on the show.

The Bling Empire star admitted that his divorce from Devon was messy at the time, but he always harbored feelings for her. Devon and Kevin decided to reconcile during the Season 3 finale.

Are Kevin and Devon still together after Season 3 of ‘Bling Empire’?

The exes gambled on “The One That Got Away,” which paid off. Kevin and Devon are still together, and their Bling Empire coworker revealed they have even moved in together.
“She relocated from Boston to be with me. We enjoy living together; we’ve just had some unfortunate apartment situations. “Kevin revealed this to E! News on October 5 at Christine Chiu’s Season 3 screening party.

According to Kevin, Devon could also become a full-time cast member for Season 4 if Bling Empire returns.

Until then, you can watch the first three seasons of “Bling Empire” on Netflix.

Kevin and Devon from the TV show “Bling Empire” are in love and live together in Los Angeles.

Kevin is still dating Devon, and the two of them now live together in Los Angeles. In an interview with E!, Kevin told the news: “She moved from Boston to live with me.” Kevin did say on Bling Empire that it hasn’t been easy because they’ve had to move three times in the six weeks they’ve been living together. The situation has made things a little more difficult for the couple, but they still love each other very much. Kevin wants Devon to join the group full-time for season 4 of Bling Empire because he was one of the original actors. Devon is a model, actor, singer, writer, and director, and he thinks she would be great for the show.

When Christine told the cast, especially Kim and Kane Lim, who Bling Empire fans liked, that Devon was Kevin’s girlfriend, they had different responses. Kevin told E! in the interview that he and Kim are not as close as they used to be. The same was true of his friendships with Kane and Kelly, who were also on the show. “I think she’s treating the relationship a little bit better now. Kelly and I don’t talk about our relationships all that much. “I think it’s the same with Kane—I don’t feel comfortable talking to him about relationship stuff,” he said.

Fans of Bling Empire watched this season as Kevin tried to fix his friendships with Kane, Kim, and Kelly. People thought Kevin was too emotional at times, but some of his worries about their friendship were real. But they have worked out their differences and are now friends again. Devon told Netflix that she and Kevin are starting a production company together, which is what they plan to do next. She said that the company’s name will be ALLS Productions, and that its main goal will be to tell Asian-led love stories.

Wife of Kevin Kreider

Kreider and Lee’s relationship is a significant plot point for the second season. However, the alleged couple was not friendly at the start of the first season. Kevin’s conversation, “I loathed her, I just couldn’t bear her,” progressed over time to her appreciation. They began to bond after he assisted her in locating her biological father.

They’ve discussed how they flirted and communicated on social media at the start of the second season. The second season began filming in the summer of 2021, giving them nearly a year to iron out any kinks that arose during the reality show. Kreider and Lee have an Instagram account where they post about the cast of their performance. More information will be gathered over time, and things will become more apparent.


How old is Kevin?

He will be 38 years old in 2022.

Is Kevin Kreider wealthy?

Kevin is not the wealthiest member of the gang in the show. But his good looks, connections, and prominent role have added to his fortune. He was reportedly worth $10 million, but Kreider told E! News that figure was “more of a future prediction.”

Who is the wealthiest person in the Bling Empire?

Anna Shay is said to be worth $600 million, making her the wealthiest Bling Empire cast member.

What is Kevin Kreider’s nationality?

He is from the United States.



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