Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were once the most popular couple in pop music. Those days, however, are long gone. Gomez sings about past relationships, including her one with Bieber, on her new album, Rare. Is she going to tell us why they ended things on the title track? Continue reading to find out more.

Why Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Broke Up?

The couple had a long and fractious history together, dating all the way back to the decade’s start.

They reconciled once more in late 2017 after much back and forth and dating other people, but the drama was never far away.

By Spring 2018, E! reported that their “breakup is deteriorating,” and Bieber was rapidly spotted with the other women, including model Baskin Champion and, eventually, his then-ex-girlfriend and future wife Hailey Baldwin. By July, he had proposed to Baldwin.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Finally Broke Up
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Finally Broke Up

The precise reason for the breakup was never made public, but insiders claimed that the relationship had been in poor health for quite some time prior.

“They haven’t communicated in months. She hasn’t spoken about him since they reconciled earlier this year. Selena and Justin were never in a healthy situation… Their relationship was always fraught with complexities. There was simply too much baggage “According to a pair of sources, People reported in July 2018.

With Gomez’s first new songs in years, “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now,” which are generally believed to be about the end of Bieber and Gomez’s long-running relationship as well as his quick engagement to Baldwin shortly after their final split, that view of their relationship appeared to be confirmed.

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Justin And Selena Breakup And Relationship Timeline

The first date was in December of 2010.

Selena Gomez, 18, and Bieber, 16, were spotted cuddling for the first time at an IHOP (that’s a fast food pancake franchise for those who don’t know). They later denied any romantic involvement, with Gomez making one of the best denial statements we’ve heard, telling Us Weekly Bieber was just “one of my best friends… It was only pancakes!”

Justin Bieber On Instagram

January 2011 marks the beginning of a new year and a new relationship.

The couple is spotted kissing on New Year’s Eve in St. Lucia, in the Caribbean, all but confirming there’s something romantic going on.

Split in November 2012

This is the first time that the two have broken up after two years of dating. They had helicopter rides, and pregnancy rumors and Bieber let them rent an entire stadium so they could watch a movie together. The pair parted due to trust concerns and the couple’s young age.

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Come and Get It: April 2013!

Come & Get It is Gomez’s debut song, and fans are certain the lyrics are about Bieber. Weeks later, Bieber posted and then decided to delete an Instagram photo of Gomez, foreshadowing the young singer’s volatile relationship with a social media platform.

December 13: they are completely silent.

Bieber says days before Christmas that he and Gomez are not in contact. Bieber also stated in the same interview that he still loved Gomez.

January 2014: Things begin to weaken

2014 was a trying year for Jelena lovers. Arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and vandalism, Bieber was already hurting from the loss of custody of his pet monkey and public backlash over his new bad boy persona. Gomez entered rehab for Lupus, which everyone assumed was for drugs, and Bieber, and the pair are most emphatically not dating.

July 2014: Justin versus Orlando

Bieber crosses paths with Orlando Bloom in Ibiza, Spain, where the duo allegedly engaged in a fist brawl. The cause of the altercation is uncertain — speculation has centered on Miranda Kerr or Selena Gomez — but either way, it garners headlines and further cement Bieber’s reputation.

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Hello, Hailey: November 2014

Justin Bieber is connected to Hailey Baldwin after unfollowing Selena Gomez on Instagram earlier this year.

2015: Things become complicated

Nicknamed ‘the lost Jelena years,’ most of 2015 is a mystery when it comes to the couple’s interactions. Both engaged in a succession of other relationships (with Gomez dating Zedd) before reuniting at the end of the year.

The serenade of November 2015

A video of Bieber serenading Gomez in a hotel room surfaces — and the allegations resurface. Are they in a relationship? We conducted an analysis of the circumstances at the time and concluded that while the relationship was tumultuous at best, the pair is undoubtedly still in contact.

August 2016: War on Instagram

Things come to a head. After Bieber shares a series of Instagram photos with current girlfriend Sofia Richie, supporters revolt and begins verbally attacking Bieber, who then threatens to deactivate his Instagram. Gomez (surprisingly) responds in the comments section, writing: “If you can’t take the hate, then stop posting images of your girlfriend—it should be a private thing between you two.” Avoid being enraged at your supporters. They are committed to you.”

As a result, a total conflict ensues.

The pair accuses one another of cheating in a series of ugly messages until Gomez apologizes on Snapchat. Bieber then deactivates his Instagram account entirely.

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October 2017: A fresh start?

Selena Gomez is pictured eating breakfast with Justin Bieber just days before news of her break-up with The Weeknd breaks. Bieber and Gomez were spotted together again shortly after the break-up was reported, even attending church. According to Us Weekly, Bieber is “constantly texting her and hanging out with her whenever he can.”

Selena Gomez on Instagram

3 November: According to Us Weekly, a source confirmed the pair are dating, stating that “Selena has always had feelings for Justin.” Her friends advise her to exercise caution, as she has been in such a good mood following surgery.”

TMZ also confirmed the pair’s renewed romance, stating that they are “obviously dating.” Thus, Jelena has returned.

November 17: The couple is photographed kissing, confirming their relationship status. Gomez is spotted leaning over the rail at an ice hockey game to kiss Bieber on the lips – in front of literally hundreds of people. If we ever saw it, confirmation.

March 2018: it’s off Again

Although Gomez only recently turned to Instagram to wish Beiber a happy birthday, reports have surfaced that the two are now on the mend following their separation from a Hillsong church session. According to reports, the couple has taken a “pause” in order to “concentrate on their faith.” According to a source, “They were not getting along and decided to take a break.” It does not appear to be a major issue, and they will most likely be fine shortly.”

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