Who Is Jonathan Groff Dating Now? Learn His Relationship History!

Dating Now Learn His Relationship History!
Dating Now Learn His Relationship History!

Jonathan Groff is an actor who is known for his roles in Glee and Looking. He is also out as gay. Since he told everyone he was gay, he has been very open about his dating life.

His relationship with his boyfriend is going well right now. Reports say that the two have been together for a while. But not much is known about his gay relationship in the news.

Well, here are some secrets about Jonathan’s boyfriend in 2022 and their affair that have never been told before. Read the article below to find out more!

Who Is Jonathan Groff’s Boyfriend In The Year 2022?

After having many one-night stands, Jonathan has been in a stable relationship since the beginning of 2018. He is seeing Corey Baker, a choreographer from New Zealand, who is also his boyfriend.

Before an interview with the New York Times, no one knew that the Hamilton star is in a serious relationship.

When they met for the first time, it was at the Christchurch International Musical Theatre Summer School. Jonathan had gone to New Zealand to teach at a summer music camp where Corey was also a teacher.

Also, they don’t let many people know about their relationship. Both of them don’t use any form of social media. As of 2022, Jonathan and Corey have been together for more than four years, and their relationship seems as strong as ever.

At First, Jonathan And Corey Were In Love Like They Were In High School.

Jonathan went to New Zealand in 2018 to teach at a summer theatre camp. But he had no idea that meeting a handsome man would change his life for the better.

Soon, they started talking, and they hit it off right away, which turned into love. But at first, their relationship was very different. Different, how?!

First, Croff and his mother had flown halfway around the world. In the same way, Corey lived with his mother. When the two started going out together, their relationship was sweet and young. After their date, they would kiss, and then Jonathan would drive his date to his mom’s house.

Watch Jonathan discuss his dating life on The James Corden Show!

About Corey Baker

Born in New Zealand Corey makes movies and makes dances. So far, he has planned events in parks, playgrounds, stadiums, shopping centers, and rugby games.

Jonathan learned to dance in Sydney, Australia, and then moved to Switzerland to join Ballet Theatre Basel. He moved to the UK in 2008 and joined BalletBoyz.

Previous Relationships Of Jonathan Groff

Jonathan never said anything about his relationships before coming out publicly in 2009. However, the same year he came out, he also came out with a boyfriend. Groff announced his relationship with singer and actor Gavin Creel. The Glee star was 24 years old at the time.

After parting up with Gavin, Jonathan began dating Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto in 2010. During an interview with Out Magazine, Zachary was the first to reveal they were dating.

He even suggested having children in the future at the moment. Their romance, however, did not continue, and the gay couple divorced in 2013.

Aside from these two, Jonathan never had any public relationships. Nonetheless, Jonathan admitted to having boyfriends in the past in a very candid interview.

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