Marvel And Dc Stars Attend James Gunn And Jennifer Holland’s Marriage

james gunn married
james gunn married

James Gunn “finally” married actress Jennifer Holland after being with her for more than seven years.

Friday, the Guardians of the Galaxy director posted on Instagram that he and the Peacemaker star married in Aspen, Colorado, in front of family and friends. A moose showed up at the wedding ceremony, even though it wasn’t on the guest list. Gunn posted photos and videos of the event, which showed a moose hiding in the background just as the ceremony started.

Gunn would later say that the wedding took place at the Dunbar Ranch, where the moose lived. The director tweeted, “Moose are the most dangerous wild mammals in North America, for those who don’t know. But the big guy just stood there. @MatthewLillard yelled, “It’s James’ Dad!”

The director wrote on Instagram, “After over 7 years together, I finally married the love of my life, @jenniferholland.” “What a great, beautiful, and amazing day I had with the best family and friends in the world. Yes, that is a moose that showed up just as the ceremony started.”

Holland also posted photos and videos of the big day on Instagram. She told Gunn, “Thank you for letting me share your love, life, and family.” She said, “Thank you for picking me, raising me up, and always making me laugh out loud. Here’s hoping that the first extraordinary 7 will be followed by many more.”

Holland was beautiful in her white wedding dress, and Gunn was very handsome in his emerald green suit.

In February, Gunn posted on social media that he had asked his girlfriend to marry him. In the picture, Holland, who plays Emilia Harcourt in the movie Peacemaker, was drinking from a mug and showing off her new ring.

Since 2015, Gunn and Holland have been going out together. The director was married to Jenna Fischer of “The Office” from 2000 until they split up in 2008.

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