Bachelor In Paradise: Are Rodney And Eliza Still Together?

In this article, we will discuss whether Bachelor in Paradise couple Rodney and Eliza are still together. Let us find out if they are still together or if they have split, and if they have split, what the reason is.

Who is Eliza?

Eliza is a social media influencer and model from Los Angeles, California. The model has over 16,000 Instagram followers and over 50 posts.

Eliza was a part of Clayton Echard’s season before entering Casa Amor on Bachelor in Paradise, where she made it pretty far but not all the way to the end.

The reality TV star enjoys all things fashion and beauty, but she also has a strong sense of adventure, as evidenced by her Instagram posts from New York to Berlin and elsewhere.

Who Is Rodney?

Before entering the world of reality television, the 30-year-old Bachelor in Paradise contestant played football for California State University. According to Us Weekly, he played from 2013 until 2015, when he graduated. Rodney’s dream of becoming an NFL player was cut short when he suffered a knee injury.


Rodney and Eliza Still Together?

Rodney sent fellow castmate Lace Morris home to pursue a relationship with Eliza, telling her, “I didn’t want to lie to her, lead her on, or do anything like that.” It’s as if, “This is where my heart is.”

Rodney and Eliza seem to follow each other on Instagram when they are not in Paradise. This could mean that they are friends.

Shortly after filming The Dramatic Reunion Special, the duo appeared in the same snapshot together, shared by Johnny Dephilippo via his Instagram Stories on November 5, at a party attended by many Bachelor Nation stars.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Are Rodney and Eliza Still Together?

What Happened Between Eliza and Justin?

Eliza and Rodney seemed to have great chemistry, but Justin came in to tell the marketing manager how he felt about her.

“From what I’ve seen and heard about her, they’re all characteristics that I look for in someone… “When I found out she might be here, I went back to the beach,” the former Bachelorette Season 17 contestant told Jesse Palmer in the October 31 Bip Episode. Later, Justin had the opportunity to speak directly with Eliza, and he discovered she felt the same way.

“I didn’t think I’d see anyone else coming down those steps that I’d be interested enough to talk to, but then you came,” the Season 26 Bachelor said.

Eliza expressed her desire for Rodney to fight for her more after telling him she wanted to go on a date with Justin.

“I Kind Of Want You To Tell Me You Don’t Want Me To Go,” she said, to which the former football player replied, “I Don’t Want You To Go, Like, Clearly, But That Might Be What’s Best For You To Truly Gain Clarity.” “I Want You to Be Happy, and I’m Not Leaving.”

Eliza told Rodney she wasn’t sure about their relationship after spending time with Justin on their date, telling him, “you really threw me off,” referring to his comfort level with her and Justin’s date.

According to Reality Steve, when it came time to give out her rose, Eliza chose Rodney. However, after walking Justin out, she appeared to change her mind and told Rodney that she “felt pressured to give him a rose.” As a result, Eliza and Rodney left the show without a partner.

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