“Unveiling the Marital Status of Queen Latifah: Is She Married?”

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Queen Latifah, whose real name is Dana Elaine Owens, is a talented rapper, singer, actress, and producer who has entertained audiences for decades. With her impressive career and charming personality, she has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Despite her success, many people are curious about her personal life, and one of the most frequently asked questions is whether she is married.

The Marital Status of Queen Latifah

Despite her privacy, it is widely reported that Queen Latifah is not married. She has never been spotted wearing a wedding ring and has never publicly announced any plans to tie the knot. This has led many fans to believe she is single and not in a relationship.

The actress once had a relationship with fitness instructor Jeanette Jenkins. On February 2, 2023, Queen Latifah will begin hosting a new Audible series called Unity in the Community.

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It’s not surprising that actress Queen Latifah, 52, is well-known thanks to roles in films like The Equalizer and Beauty Shop. The gorgeous brunette has appeared in films with many famous actors, like Jada Pinkett Smith, Jimmy Fallon, and others. However, Queen Latifah is frequently spotted with her longtime companion, Eboni Nichols, when she isn’t busy working on the set of popular T.V. shows and movies. Everything you need to know about her, their connection, and more are below!

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Who Is the Partner of Queen Latifah?

The 52-year-old actress and her partner Eboni are both huge successes. The attractive woman in her forties works as a successful choreographer. In addition to being a professional dancer, she has also performed on tour with some of the most prominent musicians, like Rihanna, Beyonce, Usher, and others, according to her Emmys bio. Eboni studied theatre and dance at Chapman University in Southern California, where she received her B.F.A.

Eboni toured with famous artists and choreographed “all five seasons” of the popular show Jane the Virgin. According to The Sun U.S., the gifted woman also contributed to the A.B.C. series Fresh Off the Boat. Even though she is most recognized for her work as a choreographer, Eboni spent some time as a Laker Girl for the Los Angeles Lakers of the N.B.A. She has choreographed dances for popular films like Office Christmas Party, Girls Trip, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Their Relationship

On the set of the popular television program Dancing with the Stars in 2009, Queen Latifah (born Dana Elaine Owens) met the man who would become her lifelong partner. The couple later made their relationship official in 2013, but they have remained a rather discreet couple ever since. Dana is so secretive that, in 2008, she even promised The New York Times that she wouldn’t talk about her personal life. She told the publication, “I don’t have an issue talking about someone being gay, but I do have a problem talking about my personal life. You don’t understand that side of me. Sorry. We don’t talk about it in our meetings, I don’t feel the need to disclose my private life, and I don’t care if or not others think I’m gay. Whatever you desire, assume. Still, you carry it out.
Even though the “Ladies First” singer hasn’t frequently mentioned Eboni in public, she acknowledged her during her 2021 acceptance speech for the B.E.T. Lifetime Achievement Award. Eboni, my darling. Love, be a rebel. Peace. She pronounced at the time, “Happy Pride! Notably, The Cut reports that this was the first time the Emmy winner openly identified her boyfriend.

Have They got Kids?

queen latifah kids
img src: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fhollywoodlife.com%2F2022%2F10%2F09%2Fqueen-latifah-son-rebel-first-photos%2F&psig=AOvVaw2Bx2a2U2W7I5KMKhrYgZas&ust=1676024482931000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAMQjB1qFwoTCLiwk6KciP0CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAE
As Radar Online previously reported, Eboni and Queen Latifah welcomed a newborn son named Rebel in 2019. The professional dancer was first seen in October 2018 sporting a baby bulge, and the two quickly became proud mothers! Most recently, on October 8, 2022, the Steel Magnolias actress was spotted in Los Angeles while running errands with adorable 4-year-old Rebel. The single mother accompanied her child on the outing while sporting a long-sleeved t-shirt, blue shorts, and Nike sneakers. Her miniature self wore a blue monster truck-themed top, black shorts, and a gorgeous pair of tiny Crocs!
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