Is Julio Rodriguez Gay? The Truth About ‘J-Rod’ S*xuality

Is Julio Rodriguez Gay
Is Julio Rodriguez Gay

Is Julio Rodriguez Gay? Julio Yarnel Rodrguez Jr., popularly known as “J-Rod,” is a brilliant center fielder for the Seattle Mariners in Major League Baseball (MLB). His path to the big leagues began in 2017 when he signed as an international free agent with the Mariners, and he will make his MLB debut in 2022.

In his first season, he not only made the All-Star team but also won the Silver Slugger Award and the American League Rookie of the Year. However, aside from his baseball accomplishments, Julio Rodriguez has become the subject of much conjecture about his personal life.

This interest arises from a contentious incident during an Astros-Mariners game in which Hector Neris yelled homophobic slurs at him. Rumors concerning Julio’s s*xual orientation have surfaced as a result of this incident. In this post, we will investigate whether Julio Rodriguez is gay. Let us investigate the facts and discover the truth.

Is Julio Rodriguez Gay?

Julio Rodrigues is not homos*xual. A contentious incident involving Houston Astros pitcher Hector Neris during a game against the Seattle Mariners sparked the allegations about Julio Rodriguez’s s*xual orientation.

Is Julio Rodriguez, Gay

Neris allegedly used a homophobic slur in Spanish towards Julio Rodriguez, a 22-year-old Dominican player. The Seattle Times beat writer Adam Jude reported the incident, quoting another Mariners player, Suarez, as saying, “Suarez, in the on-deck circle at the time, said that Neris yelled a homophobic slur at Rodriguez.”

Suarez further explained,

“He [Neris] started talking bad words in Spanish… He tried doing something that’s not good for people who speak Spanish and know the statement. I was in the on-deck circle and heard that and it pissed me off.”

Hector Neris eventually apologized, expressing his admiration for Julio as a person and a player. He underlined their closeness, recalling a history of friendly competition and banter, which is customary among friends, particularly in the Dominican Republic.

Neris expressed contrition for approaching Julio in such a disrespectful manner and stated that he never wanted to offend Julio, his family, or the Mariners organization. However, it is vital to highlight that, aside from this episode, there is no tangible proof to back up Julio’s s*xual orientation allegations. His dating history, which is entirely comprised of female relationships, lends credence to the claim that he is straight.

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Is Julio Rodriguez Married?

No, Julio Rodrigues is not presently married, but he is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jordyn Huitema. It appears that he has also attracted the attention of his fiancée, Jordyn Huitema, in addition to baseball fans. According to reports, Huitema first made contact with Julio Rodriguez through social media. On November 1, 2022, they made their relationship public via Instagram.

“Seattle has been good this year :))” – @jordynhuitema

She and Julio Rodriguez appear to be relishing their early relationship, as evidenced by the number of adorable Instagram posts.

How Did Jordan Huitema and Julio Rodriguez Meet for the First Time?

Unfortunately, it is uncertain how Julio Rodriguez and Jordyn Huitema first met. Julio ended his five-year engagement with the Canadian National Soccer Team and Bayern Munich Team member Alphonso Davies prior to May 22, 2022.

Julio and Jordyn likely became companions following Julio’s separation. In November 2022, they made their social media relationship official. The details of their first meeting are kept private.

Julio Rodriguez and Jordyn Huitema: Do They Have Children?

Julio Rodriguez and Jordyn Huitema do not currently have any children. Still in their early twenties, the couple began dating in November 2022. Before considering marriage and establishing a family, they focus on their respective baseball and soccer careers. Both athletes are determined to attain great success in their respective sports and have lofty goals.

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