Hayley Williams And Taylor York Confirm Their Relationship After Two Years Of Dating Rumours

hayley williams taylor york dating
hayley williams taylor york dating

Hayley Williams confirmed speculations that she is dating Taylor York, her Paramore bandmate. The “Misery Business” singer disclosed her relationship with the guitarist in an interview with The Guardian published on Thursday, but declined to go further.

Uncertain as to when the couple began dating, York joined Paramore in 2007. Zac Farro is a member of the punk rock band as a drummer. Apparently, rumors of their relationship had circulated for years.

After Williams released “Crystal Clear” on her solo album “Petals for Armor” in 2020, fans were convinced that the two artists were dating.

In the same year, Williams, 33, told Pitchfork that the song, which tells a romantic story about York, 32, was about “falling in love.”

“Despite my fear, my toughness, or an aversion to being vulnerable, I couldn’t help but fall in love,” she remarked of the song at the time. Fans went to Twitter to express their delight after announcing the couple’s connection.

Someone tweeted: “HAYLEY WILLIAMS AND TAYLOR YORK ARE DATING I’m going to cry.” “The confirmation that Hayley Williams and Taylor York are dating is fantastic,” gushed a second fan.

“I was half asleep when I read that Hayley Williams and Taylor York were dating, so I assumed I imagined it, but THEY ARE ACTUALLY DATING, and I think it’s so adorable,” commented a third person.

“Hayley Williams’ relationship with Taylor York is the only celebrity rumor I care about,” said another. Others, though, were concerned that if their relationship deteriorated, it may derail the band.

One troll posted, alongside a video of Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, “Hayley Williams and Taylor york in twenty years if this goes south.”


“Hopefully this will out better than Josh,” a critic remarked. Williams dated her former bandmate Josh Farro, brother of Zac Farro, but their relationship deteriorated and he left the band in 2011.

The exes remain estranged, and she even called Josh out in 2020 for making homophobic remarks. “There is a reason why only three people remain in @paramore. “Shock, haters, it’s not my fault,” she tweeted at the time.

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