Who Is Dove Cameron Dating Now? All Of The Details Surrounding Dove Cameron’s Dating Life


Dove Cameron is she single? Following her 2020 breakup with longtime beau Thomas Doherty, the actress recently discussed her romantic relationships and sexual orientation.

The Disney singer admitted to Gay Times in May 2021, “I’ve been teasing about my sexuality for years while being hesitant to spell it out for everyone.” “Guys, I really needed to convey something to you, so I went on Instagram Live. I might not have mentioned it, but I’m really gay. Because it is a part of who I am, I want to reflect on this via my music.

Dove replied that she wanted to discover herself when asked why she made the decision to come out. When the relationship ended, I was having a hard time stepping back into my power and focusing on where I was because I was at the end of a really major chapter closing in my life and I was trying to focus on myself, the actress explained.

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In April 2022, Dove admitted to PopBuzz that she had a few relationships the previous year that gave her “the ick.” “I just lately understood that people can be poor kissers,” Oop! We can’t wait to find out who she might be referring to.

Through music, the singer was able to discover herself! She fueled romance rumors in April 2021 when she engaged in intense PDA with a new gentleman in her “Lazy Baby” music video. Fans right away questioned whether she was dating musician Alexander 23. The blonde beauty had a fairly passionate kiss in her much-anticipated music video only one day after reports surfaced that her ex-boyfriend had revealed his new love to fans. In September 2021, Dove revealed that she is “dating someone right now,” but without confirming who she was dating.

The actress joked in her WIRED autocomplete interview, “This was a lot easier when I had a highly public boyfriend.” “Because everyone was so knowledgeable,”

The former Liv and Maddie star previously had two well-known partnerships. The most recent was a three-year relationship with Thomas, a co-star in Descendants before they announced their separation in December of the same year.

At the time, Dove said on Instagram Stories, “We know there have been some rumors and confusion lately about the status of our relationship and we wanted to set the record straight.” “Thomas and I made the decision to separate ways in October. Although the choice was extremely painful, we still love each other and will always be friends. We appreciate you allowing us this moment of privacy.

Speaking of marriage, the former Disney star and her ex-boyfriend Ryan McCartan, with whom she spent four years, came very close to getting married. They separated in 2016 and have both since moved on. Although it’s no secret that Dove has been in her fair share of committed relationships over the years, she discussed her “internal conflict between being a pretty independent person” and being romantic in an interview with Paper magazine in July 2020. She continued, “I am by no means someone’s girlfriend by nature.

Dove discussed her love life in an interview with NYLON in April 2021. She said, “I’ve only ever dated two people, and I fell in love with them at work. I’ve never been on a true date. But tomorrow is my first actual date, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

McCartan, Ryan

Ryan and Dove dated for four years. The two actors co-starred in Liv and Maddie as the on-screen relationship between Maddie and Diggie. The pair engaged around this time, and they also started a band named The Girl and the Dreamcatcher! In an interview with People in April 2016, Dove disclosed details of the engagement.

“It was really spontaneous. It was flawless. She described the proposal as being less formal and more romantic and bohemian. “We both made it quite plain to one another that we thought the other was the one for us. You are aware that I love you. There isn’t anyone else. I didn’t anticipate it to change anything because we already knew we wanted to be married one day. However, a “fiancé” and a “boyfriend” are quite different. I genuinely believe that I have never felt so composed before. I experience a strong grounding. I feel great.

They both confirmed their breakup on Twitter in October 2016. “Dove has determined that she doesn’t want this relationship. We remain deeply in love with one another. This is painful, so please be understanding,” Ryan stated. “Thank you for your support and open hearts in this very trying and human time,” Dove continued. Between Ryan and I, there is a great deal of love. Life is both lovely and lengthy.

After their split, the ex-couples traded harsh criticism, but things appeared to be getting better between them in April 2019 when Dove was kind in an interview with Access at Disney Channel Fan Fest. She stated, “I’m really grateful for that experience and what he taught me. My first boyfriend, I found through Liv and Maddie.

John Doherty

Following their appearance in Descendants 2 together, these two celebrities became closer, and in February 2017, they made their romance public. In July 2019, Dove was open and honest about her initial thoughts on Thomas with Seventeen Magazine.

“I just felt he was kind of a playboy, you know? He’s just too naughty, charming, and attractive to — I know this sounds terrible, but to be good to me,'” she said. “I never imagined a happy outcome. I thought, “I’m going to prevent the worst mistake of my life by staying away from you.” He also challenged me to an eye-to-eye stare-off, asking me to see who could withstand the eye contact and look away first rather than who could blink first. And we experienced a variety of feelings side by side. We’d have extreme happiness followed by extreme sadness, and then we’d both start laughing at the same time. We both started crying at that point, and he said to me something that I’ll always remember. He said, “I guess I just fell in love with you,” scarcely having known me.

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She stated, “Right from the beginning, my relationship with Thomas has been unlike anything I’ve ever encountered with another person. Although it sounds corny, when we first met, it truly seemed like the earth had moved for both of us. Within a week of meeting me, he declared his love for me, and he has never reneged on that promise. He has a good soul. a well-intentioned, wholly innocent source of tenderness and kindness, modesty and endless patience. I’ve never known equality like we do, a sincere admittance of who and what we are as a team, and the visceral sense that this is the correct thing. My rock has been Thomas. No matter how odd, dark, or heavy a thought or emotion may be, he provides me with a safe haven and an endless supply of kindness and patience. He is my everything.

Dove referred to Thomas as “the one” when speaking with Entertainment Tonight in November 2019. They separated in October 2020 after celebrating their third wedding anniversary in February 2020. Dove disclosed the couple’s breakup on social media in December 2020, a few months after it had occurred.

The Dark Side Is Embracing Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron consumes males for breakfast while singing about it to her 14 million Spotify listeners. The 26-year-old favors oatmeal and coffee in real life.

She giggles over the phone from a covert location in Manhattan, “So basically, I know!

The oatmeal-to-OMG contrast is almost too appropriate for a celebrity whose public persona is a low-key goth vixen (think bejeweled black Balmain corsets and Iris van Herpen cage dresses with wings) even though her daily life is spent in “sweats, big bulky tennis shoes, and a slicked-back bun… If you see me on my off time, you really won’t recognize me.”

That revelation is very usual for a famous person; after all, most celebrities lead separate lives in public and private. However, because of his enormous social media following (50 million on Instagram alone) and extreme fashion choices, such as claws in place of nails and hair that changes from blonde to black in the blink of an eye, Cameron takes the idea of duality to a whole new level by alternating between “keeping it natural” in real life and acting supernaturally on different screens. Of course, altering one’s appearance quickly can be difficult, as Cameron half-jokingly acknowledges.

She sighs, “It almost feels like I’m exhausted.” But at that point, you can come up with some really great ideas.

That “excellent stuff” this month includes the gritty independent comedy Vengeance. A want-to-be podcaster investigates the mystery death (and equally fascinating life, it turns out…) of a one-night stand in the B.J. Novak-directed and B.J. Novak-starring movie. Cameron, who plays the dead girl’s sister, is a Brandy Melville-Esque Texas teen who is adamant she should be famous despite not knowing exactly for what.

Funny thing is, when I cast her, I had no idea she was really well-known in real life, claims Novak. “She just sprung through my laptop screen on the audition film our casting director provided me. Every single comedic beat was perfected by her, often in ways, I hadn’t even considered. She was like some kind of hilarious genius. She had to go through another audition, in fact. I merely needed to check if it was an anomaly.”

It wasn’t an accident, just as it’s not a fluke that despite her immense stardom, Cameron is playing a tiny role in an independent movie.

She exclaims, “It never occurred to me that I shouldn’t!” “The [Vengeance] script, in my opinion, is excellent. B.J., in my opinion, is brilliant. That pretty about sums it up. If [B.J.] had asked, “Would you like to come work as an assistant? Are you interested in copying scripts for the writer’s room? I’d take action. In my case, the project is more important to me than the size of my contribution.”

But let’s face it: Cameron has always had sizable parts. She appeared in regional theatre productions of The Secret Garden and Les Misérables before she turned ten years old. By the time she was sixteen, she was the star of the Disney Channel comedy Liv and Maddie, followed by the wildly successful Descendants series, which ruled streaming services and soundtrack charts. Like Cameron, her Gen Z admirers were raised with social media in their daily lives, and when she rose to prominence on television, her online following surpassed that of Spain’s entire population. That’s just math, not hyperbole, by the way.

dove cameron

When recalling her Disney days, she recalls, “I entered the industry extremely young. “I had a lot of trauma; I had a lot of self-hatred.” (The actress’s father committed suicide when she was a teenager; years later, in 2019, her friend and Descendants co-star Cameron Boyce passed away from a sudden medical emergency.) She discusses how to move past it “I actually used the entertainment sector as a source of structure, approval, and control. Since my upbringing was chaotic, I felt safest when someone else was in charge. And I was in need of feeling safe at the time. That is now altering. With my writing, music, and [film], I’ve been taking significant chances. I’ve been directing my own music videos, taking more control of my business, and trying out a lot of different fashion looks.”

Cameron considers her public coming out as LGBT in 2020 to be a creative and emotional turning point. More aspects of herself were discovered as a result, she claims. “Learning how to say, “I don’t know yet,” in response to questions from both myself and others. And that’s quite potent. When I was younger, all of my dread and anxiety came from the unknown “She clarifies. “I’ve recently begun to realize that uncertainty may actually be a source of joy.”

This may help to explain why, in the past six months, Dove Cameron has transitioned from performing in jukebox musicals like Mamma Mia! to writing lengthy Instagram posts about identity and mortality, compiling poetry for a potential book, charting on Billboard with sensual pop singles like “Breakfast” and “Boyfriend,” filming season 2 of the Broadway farce Schmigadoon with Ariana de Bose and Alan Cumming, speaking out in favor of abortion

I’ve gone from the girl next door to the evil girl next door, Cameron said to the Los Angeles Times when explaining her perverted take on a glow-up a few weeks ago.

Yes, the contemporary triple threat (actress, singer, and TikTok thirst trap) really amps up the villain vibes in her songs, singing lyrics about wooing cheerleaders and describing her inner baddie as “I mean, growing up, I always knew I was odd, like when I pretended to be Lydia in Beetlejuice at the age of 8! I was aware of my peculiarity. I can see now that it works in my favor.”

Cameron claims to be a fan of the dark side, but she has no desire to act in a sinister manner or seek the “vengeance” referenced in the title of her new movie. She states categorically, “Nope, no way. “I can comprehend the desire for vengeance or the desire to punish someone for something they have done. I’ve had a lot of practice, though, in finding closure when there isn’t any closure because I’ve lost individuals previously via various forms of loss, tragedy, and death. Vengeance only makes your life more disorganized and chaotic. Not at all.”

She claims that “social media” has occasionally turned us into a mirror image of ourselves. “These artistic forms, such as fashion, music, and amusement, used to be so pure and lovely. Now when they’re essentially being swallowed by the world’s mega-monsters, what about things with good intentions like the desire to make something incredibly beautiful? Everything becomes a commodity. You know we’re talking over each other. The urge to connect with others and art, for example, are among the things that used to be considered the most human. However, we have a fantastic potential to change that if we appear online knowing that.”

The idea of legacy and the effects our digital lives can have long after publishing are underlying themes in Vengeance. Digital media, according to Novak, “I think it part of a good yearning.” “It is a want to stand out, to be important, and to be recognized. And I believe we may disregard the idea that famous people and aspiring famous people are shallow when, in reality, they might just want to matter. I believed that [Dove Cameron’s] persona would be the ideal way to convey the idea of a person who is aware of her status but is unsure of who she is. But in a lot of respects, Dove is fully aware of who she is.”

Later that evening, at the film’s premiere, Dove Cameron is a well-known Gen Z actress donning a wispy black Versace gown embellished with tiny bows and beaming on the red carpet with her Disney-famous smile. Dove Cameron appears on TikTok a few days later as a smoldering LGBTQ icon sporting a red Britney catsuit, claw-like nails encircled in tiny chains, and eyes that roll at the camera as though she’s annoyed by the attention. I inquire about how she balances her two selves, as well as all the other Doves in between, and whether or not her followers can keep up with the stunning transformation.

She responds with, “B.J. penned this phrase in the movie that I love. “The issue isn’t that individuals aren’t intelligent, according to his persona. The issue is that they already are. I believe that some in the entertainment sector are having issues with it “She chuckles.

“But I think it’s wonderful that people have such intelligence. They don’t overlook anything. It seems like we have to accept so many facets of ourselves in order to be truly human. People start looking for them if we hide them. They are aware that they are gone. And the only way that actually works is if we simply fearlessly turn up with that, with everything that is within us. It’s kind of motivating, yes? So, I’m going to do it.”

FAQs about Dove Cameron

What is the real name of Dove Cameron?

Chloe Celeste Hosterman

Dove Cameron changed her name, and why?

She was 15 when her father passed away in 2011. Cameron took the name Dove legally after her father’s passing in memory of him and the nickname he gave her.

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty, are they married?

In April 2021, after the release of her track “LazyBaby,” Dove Cameron began to talk openly about her breakup with Thomas Doherty. The former Descendants co-stars separated up in October 2020, but they didn’t announce it to the world until over two months later.

Who has Dove Cameron previously dated?

Dove and the actor Ryan McCartan were formerly engaged. Prior to divorcing in October 2016, the two had been together for three years. The actor claimed in January 2020 that the blonde beauty’s infidelity caused their relationship to collapse.

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